Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Take the Test

CLICK HERE to take a very interesting test to confirm your political leanings. Take the long version - it's only 15 questions. I came out as a liberal Conservative, which was a bit of a relief...


Toots said...

That was fun - just like a Cosmo quiz. I'm a moderate socialist on the short test and an extreme socialist on the long test. Seems fair enough! Especially given that it's an American test - I assume their definition of extreme socialist might be a teeny bit exagerated.

Anonymous said...

Which would make Iain's results as a "liberal" Conservative slightly more accurate.

Come on Iain. I used to work for a right-wing Libertarian Tory whose views were pretty similar to your I'd say although bit less right-wing on the domestic front. And he wasn't ashamed to say he was definitely not liberal.

Next you'll be telling us you're also a democrat - which would make you a Liberal Conservative Democrat and, unlike the Americans, we're not big on using our middle names in public here in Blighty.

Yours in hope


Liam said...

I came out as almost identical to ineffectual former US President, Gerald Ford! I think Ford is the only American President never to have been elected as President or even as Vice President - good one for pub quizzers there (if indeed it is true - not sure).

It was quite good, but it was possible to agree with more than one answer on some questions which made it a bit confusing.

Iain Dale said...

Pedro, not sure why you think I am so right wing on domestic issues!

James, I agree - I agreed with more than one of the choices on several questions. So where did you appear in the chart then?