Tuesday, March 15, 2005

And another thing...

Isn't this storyline about Katy killing her Dad in Coronation Street totally ridiculous. And no doubt they'll spin it out for a good few more weeks yet. Personally I am still mourning the demise of the reicarnated Crossroads. Pure class.

I see David Blunkett is appealing to the pro-English lobby today. Just seen him on Newsnight. There's something deeply impressive about Blunkers but I can't help thinking he'll never be quite the same again. He's obviously desperate for a second coming, but I cannot imagine Blair will give him as senior a job as Home Secretary. And I read in the papers today that Stephen Byers is tipped for a return. That should get the voters into the polling booths then!

Peter Hain's "attack mongrel" quote was an utter disgrace. Is this really what we're all going to have to put with over the next few weeks?

So Paul Boaeteng is off to South Africa. I've always thought him to be one of Labour's MPs. Quite what the South Africans have done to warrant this infliction I'd better not speculate on.

So Boaeteng to South Africa, Helen Liddell to Australia. What next? Jack Straw to Zimbabwe? Or should that be Uganda? I hear he is not impartial to Ugandan discussions with colleagues in the Parliamentary Labour Party. Well, he is Foreign Secretary, so why shouldn't he?

In case you feel I have lost the thread, I have.

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