Thursday, March 03, 2005

LibDems Missed Chance

On Monday, had one third of the LibDem MPs turned up to vote (including N Lamb) the government would have lost its vote on giving the Home Secretary the right to lock up terrorist suspects. Mr Kennedy said that, with the benefit of hindsight, "the judgment call wasn't the correct one". Not for the first time Charles. It has to be said that 24 Conservatives were not present either, but that is only 14%.


Anonymous said...

Now Iain - it's either percentages or it's numbers, but you can't have both.

When the Lib Dems won the St Benet's by-election, I seem to remember you played down their victory by saying it was a matter of a handful of votes.

24 Conservatives may only be 13% of the parliamentary party - but it would have swung the vote pretty conclusively.

At least Charles Kennedy had the honesty and humility to admit he'd made the wrong call. Do I hear you saying that about your party??

No, I don't. Which makes me wonder if you have one standard of behaviour for the Lib Dems (high) and another for the Tories (whatever they can get away with).

I know which attitude I'd rather have displayed by my government.


Iain Dale said...

Talk about clutching at straws.

Anonymous said...

Since when have "integrity and honesty" been "STRAWS"??

Did you really mean that Iain? Doesn't sound good...