Tuesday, March 01, 2005

And I think to myself...

I really do seem to have got the LibDems rattled. I've just had a look at the North Norfolk Page on Vote-2005. Quite astonishing. The level of personal vitriol and outright lies are something to behold. I suppose they think they're being clever. I suppose in their weird little world, they are. Not a world I wish to inhabit thank you very much.


carlislecookie said...

Well I suppose it's better to be talked about than not, and it's nice that robb has somewhere to go on these cold, dark nights. Most of the 'discussion' there is rather turgid, with no facts to back up the statements.

Considering your company helps keep the site going, I find the amount of personal bitching quite two faced.Typical of the libdems.

Neil. said...

Iain - I've just been to have a look. Most of the comments in the last few days seem to be about:

The merits or otherwise of Local Income Tax and you and your team's inability to know what is happening 'on the ground'

Very little 'vitriol' or 'abuse' as far as I could see. Certainly no more than many other candidates of all parties are recieving.

Are you going to answer the point about how we can trust your judgement about what is happening on the ground given your failure to do so in the recent by-elections?

Iain Dale said...

The abuse isn't on here anymore as I have deleted it.

As to your other comment, whatever I would say I doubt, Neil, whether it would change your opinion of me. I do realise you are a LibDem activist attempting to defend your Party's prediliction to tax us to the hilt and you get very uppity when anyone questions it. Good on you. I would be very nervous in your position to.

As to my judgement, well, I am happy to let you think what you like. As I say, whatever I say is unlikely to change your mind, so I'll leave it there.

Anonymous said...

Come on now: I'm a lib dem and I just wrote that you and Lamb were the best two candidates for any seat in the UK, which I think is probably true.

I find your campaign very interesting, although obviously I do hope that Norman holds the seat.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, very kind of you indeed, sir. Wish there were more like you on that site. I'm sure Norman was just as delighted by your comment and possibly even more delighted by your conclusion.