Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Demanding Audience

Well, I survived the 700 A Level students! I was last on, just after Danny Finkelstein from The Times. They booed him for being pro-war. I think I came across Ok - no tub thumping - just calm, reasoned, measured language. In fact, if anything I was a bit flat, to be honest. The questions were excellent.

Got to do more work on election literature now. I'm convinced Blair will call the election straight after the budget. Better be ready!


Anonymous said...

I have just seen your website item on your Party coming out against road humps and speed cameras. You are so wrong in this. I am very disappointed. My 8 year old son was knocked down by a car. His head hit the road. The car was only going at about 25 miles an hour. In hospital, the policeman told me that if the car had been going 10 miles faster he would probably have been killed. Why do you always think of the motorist?
Why does your party choose to have sympathy with drivers who know if they have been caught by a speed camera that it is because they have broken the law and are going aabove the legal speed limit. You seem to be very keen on locking uup criminals - why do you leave out speeding motorists. I don't know if you have children, but if you have I guess they haven't been knocked down by a car.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hear Hear !!
How do you answer that?
Lady F

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your comments and your experience with your son must have been terrible. However, I think you misunderstand what Tim Yeo is saying and I would urge you to go back and read the article on the website. The key thing here is to impose speed limiting measures which work and the evidence provided by the emergency services is that other measures may work better. We want to cut speed limits around schools to 20mph, for example. I am also a great fan of the flashing speed limit signs as they do seem to have a real effect.

Having said all of that I am personally not against speed bumps as I think in some areas they are the best solution. They are, however, not the only solution and in some areas are inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

A clear example of an individual making a point - only this time against the Conservatives and Iain is as muddled as ever by it!

Lady Finchley said...


Thought you'd want to know that somebody is posting in my name - I did not post the above comment!

At 11:30pm I was still in the throes of delight after watching 'Desperate Housewives' - oh, I do love Bree and just finishing Newsnight-Paxo has SUCH a soothing effect.

Seriously, this is not good at all as I see the same person tried posting in your name.