Saturday, March 19, 2005

Today's canvassing

My feet feel as if they are about to drop off. We did seven, yes seven, hours canvassing today. I was in Wells all morning and spent this afternoon in Hickling. What a beautiful village Hickling is. And such nice people too. I met a lovely LibDem lady who told me how much she hates Europe... She voted UKIP in the European elections. It's becoming clear to me that UKIP's vote is fragmenting totally, and that it is by no means all made up of ex Tories. We had several ex Labour voters today switch to us. It's very interesting what is happening to the Labour vote. In some areas it is very solid, but for the switchers, for every one that goes to the LibDems two or three seem to be coming our way. My prediction, for what it is worth is that the Labour vote will reduce from 13% to about 9% or 10%. The LibDems seem to think it will all go to them. My experience is very different.

I'm about to go to Cromer to a fish and chip supper - or in my case very large sausage and chips! Yes, the diet went out the window a long time ago...

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