Saturday, March 26, 2005

Canvassing Today

And they say the Tory Party is ageing. Today I was the oldest of our canvassers! We even had a 9 year old knocking on doors! We got absolutely drenched in North Walsham where we covered a lot of ground. This afternoon we had a big team out in Ludham. Several switchers from LibDem to us but perhaps more interestingly several switchers from Labour to us.

This evening I picked up a train set for my Dad (don't ask) in Freethorpe which I then delivered to him in Saffron Walden and took the opportunity of visiting my sister Sheena, who has just sprogged. Her new daughter is called Zoe and she even managed to persuade me to hold her for twenty minutes. Amazingly she didn't scream her head off and in fact went to sleep. And I didn't even have to make a speech! Boom boom.

And nobody on the doorstep mentioned the Howard Flight rumpus...

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