Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Had a hectic day at Politico's yesterday doing several media interviews about moving the shop. I even did one for German TV. Having done a degree in German and lived there I ought to have conducted the interview in German but I chickened out. Pathetic. Then it was off up the A11 to Norfolk to go to Mundesley Parish Council. Mundesley is a great little resort on the North Norfolk Coast (for the uninitiated). I sat there during the meeting thinking that it was an ideal example of local democracy in action - no party politics, just people talking who are totally committed to the improvement of their local community. Today it's back South to prepare for the Politico's move to Kent.


Those of you who read of my involvement with the Rebecca House Alzheimers Unit in North Walsham will be interested to learn that Norman Lamb has now taken up the case, two weeks late. He's in the press proudly proclaiming he is meeting the Norfolk Mental Health Trust today and expressing great concern. Bit late Norman. Several of the relatives I met at Rebecca House told me he hadn't even replied to their letters. I have to say I was a tad annoyed that the EDP printed an article today about Mr Lamb's new found concern in this issue without mentioning that it me who brought the whole thing out into the public domain a fortnight ago, but that's what you're up against as a candidate. As the EDP journalist put it to me, "MP meets Health Chiefs" will always be more of a story than "Candidate meets Health Chiefs". I mustn't get too hung up on things like this because compared to many other candidates I know of I do get a very fair crack of the whip in the local media.

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