Monday, February 09, 2004


Released this today...

Iain Dale’s Pound for £1 Challenge

He may look a fine figure of a man, but believe it or not, North Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Iain Dale weighs in at a phenomenal 18 stones – yes, 252lbs. Between March 1st and June 26th he aims to lose 28lbs, a whole two stones. But he needs an incentive. He’s decided the best way to achieve the body beautiful (Ok then, the body adequate) is to raise money to fund his election campaign and is asking you to sponsor him to the tune of £1 for every Pound he loses. So if he loses a stone you pay £14. If he loses two stones you pay £28. He doesn’t want to bankrupt anyone (or become a pale shadow of his former self) so he promises not to lose more than two stones! And the aim? To raise more than £2000 for his campaign fund. The weigh in on June 26th will take place (fully clothed – phew!) at the Worstead Branch Champagne & Strawberries function at Iain’s house in Swanton Abbott. He’s currently taking tips from Ann Widdecombe on how to shed the stones… To pledge money email!


On Saturday morning I went to Hoveton (in which Roy's of Wroxham is bizzarely situated) to attend a Councillor's surgery. Rita Massingham, is everything a Conservative Councillor should be. She is deeply involved in the local community, respected by everyone but is quite political and a thoroughly nice lady. There were thirty or forty people there which was an excellent turnout. They were very excercised about the lack of visible policing in the area so I shall be talking to the Chief Constable about that when I see him soon. I then spoke at the AGM of North Walsham Conservatives, who have elected an excellent new chairwoman. It's going to be a key area for us. After some campaigning in the afternoon I drove down to London to do News 24's paper review at quarter to midnight. Trouble was, there was nothing worth talking about in them. Still, you know me, I managed to drone on about something!

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