Sunday, February 22, 2004


Spent most of the day catching up on letters and admin after a very hectic few days in the constituency. Had a very good meeting with the NorfolK Chief Constable Andy Hayman on Thursday lunchtime. He's very dynamic and has some very innovative ideas. In the evening I spoke at the Norwich South Conservatives AGM. I first joined Norwich South 22 years ago, which made me feel rather ancient. They are a good group and most of the officers are in their twenties. I think they're going to run a very good campaign in this year's local elections and then against Charles Clarke. The Liberals, of course, are trying to say they stand the best chance of beating Charles, but they have never done well in Norwich South. They also have a candidate who seems to have amnesia about where he actually lives. Friday was about the busiest day I have had for some time (see below). The Today Programme interview sparked off five or six others which I had to fit in between everything else. Spent a very enjoyable hour and a half at Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve near Fakenham. A superb example of a community project. It was then on to Fakenham races where I met people from the Countryside Alliance before popping back into Norwich to do more radio. I then had an hour to finish off the preparation for my speech at North NorfolK Conservatives' Agm, held at Pinewood Leisdure Complex. I spoke for about 25 minutes, which is about the longest speech I have given in Norfolk. I've never had a standing ovation before and to be honest didn't quite know how to react! It was good to see so many people there. It's very encouraging that so many are committed to helping me win.

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