Sunday, February 01, 2004


On Friday afternoon I held a pensions forum with David Willetts, which went very well indeed. He's such an expert on the subject. It's a hugely important issue in North Norfolk and we invited a range of pensioner groups to participate. I am appalled that the EDP, despite sending a reporter to interview David, didn't feel it warranted a single word in their Saturday edition. Words will be had. North Norfolk Radio had him as the lead story. Nice to see at least one media organisation has its priorities right.

On Friday evening I attended Keith Simpson's (Mid Norfolk) constituency dinner with Liam Fox as the guest speaker. He gave an upbeat speech which will encourage most there to redouble their efforts to help win the next election. It was held at Wensum Valley Golf Club which is a great venue. Often these places serve the most dire food but the food was very good indeed - especially the chocolate dessert!

On Saturday I went to the NNCA's auction of promises which raised a four figure sum for party funds. I can easily spend that! The replies to the survey on my first newspaper are flooding in with some very interesting and encouraging comments.

Today has mostly been spent at a christening in Sussex and now I have to spend the evening writing three speeches. Might just catch Coronation Street though!

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