Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Jonathan Isaby on the pros and cons of local candidates.
2. Anna Raccoon on blogging the limelight.
3. thinks the Government will win Tuesday's vote on AV.
4. Alastair Campbell explains his emotional interview on Andrew Marr.
5. ConHome examines the Ladbrokes prediction of a Tory majority of 33.
6. John Rentoul accuses Fraser Nelson of being the Tory Party's Sarah Palin.

And as a Sunday night Brucie Bonus, read THIS brilliant post by Dizzy, who has dialled N for Vendetta. He accuses the Daily Telegraph of having it in for Nadine Dorries.


Thatsnews said...

It is a brilliant post from Dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Telegraph is a total and utter complete waste of space these days. Its sports coverage is crap too.

I never buy it now, unless there is no alternative, and then only for its Codeword.

Is there nobody out there who can buy out the Barclay Bros and sack its political editor, who I read is a Brownite??

Hermeneuticals said...

The Spectator is onto something that Mr. Cameron is either ignoring or doesn't get. Sarah Palin inspires a lot of people with what she says - not a lot of political insiders, but then they don't decide elections. Cameron's continued turns towards centre are costing him more support than he's gaining. That may be why there's a gender gap - women want someone they can feel confident in and Cameron keeps trying to accomodate moderate views.

Anonymous said...

Did Palin help McCain? Nope. Would Palin win a presidential campaign? Nope.

Cameron has not turned towards the centre - he IS a centrist Tory.

I have to say I grow tired of the bo££ocks talked about Cameron and the current Tory party, not leas by people professing to be Tory.

Cameron is utterly typical of virtually every Tory PM we have ever had. And if you look to Thatchers platform in 1979 - she had a very bland manifesto. The monetarism and trade union legislation were born out of the reality of the situation, and labour have not repealed them. Lets wait shall we until a new tory govt uncover the reality of the countries state that labour are currently hiding from us.

Sadly I see no one has come up with a few hundred million to take over the Telegraph. maybe we should start up a rival. How much would it cost to buy the Independent??