Monday, October 05, 2009

Conference Caption Competition

Talking to the New Statesman's James Macintyre at the New Statesman party last night. So, who's saying what?


Anonymous said...

Does it look overt if I stand like this ?

waitingforthebus said...

I have found that this particular wine does make your hairpiece lift

IanVisits said...

Iain Dale tried to convince doubting journalist that he has indeed found the Holy Grail.

Ed the Shred said...

"James, do you fancy a lick of the ice-cream that someone has placed in my champagne glass?"

Labels: Photographic juxtaposition, Monday Morning Silliness.

Anonymous said...

You were there. You tell us.

The Boiling Frog said...

I know I'm going bald Iain, but you're hardly one to talk!

I Squiggle said...

Well, no, I’ve actually put on half a stone..

I Squiggle said...

No honestly, rub a bit more champagne in, and it stops the hair loss. Works for me..

I Squiggle said...

Can’t stay, I’ve got 17 more receptions to go to this evening..

Sean Haffey said...

"I do hope this ice cream promotes hair growth"

"I find champagne does just fine for me, thanks."

Billy Blofeld said...

James, I've no idea where Bracknell is. Do you know?

I Squiggle said...

Get hit by a Nokia, James?

David C said...

JM: Bet you a tenner you won't use a picture of yourself in your caption competition.

DespairingLiberal said...

Iain, hi! I see we use the same barber - "short-back-and-sides" Paul at Le Croupiers des Hommes Effeme, Bruxelles.

Newmania said...

I should imagine it was a bit like this .....

It is my soul that calls upon my name:
How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night,
Like softest music to attending ears!
Iain !!!!!!!
My dear?
At what o'clock to-morrow
Shall I send to thee?
At the hour of nine.
I will not fail: 'tis twenty years till then.
I have forgot why I did call thee back.
Let me stand here till thou remember it.
I shall forget, to have thee still stand there,
Remembering how I love thy company.
And I'll still stay, to have thee still forget,
Forgetting any other home but this.


Close ?

TC said...

James you are as welcome here as a STD at a brothel.

Madasafish said...

If I hold your neck like this and squeeze hard for 5 minutes, then you will never be able to write again.


Go right ahead. I just get my articles pre-written by Peter Manddeslon anyway.

jailhouselawyer said...

Iain Dale: "What has a convicted terrorist in HMP Whitemoor doing a stand up comedy routine and David Cameron got in common?".

James Macintyre: "They both have failed the public acceptability test!".

Reefknot said...

Yeah, mine's falling out as well Iain, but not as much as yours.

Oscar India said...

"Yeah Iain, that's right, I speak to Obama twice a week on the blower and that's where I get all my top-line Whitehouse policy stories from. Yeah, The New York Times keeps offering me a job because my scoops are so good, but why would I leave where I am?...... What? The New Statesman!"

Doug said...

Iain: I really like Cameron
Macintyre: You really hate him that much.
Iain: No. I said I really like him.
Macintyre: You really detest him do you? That'll make great copy.
Iain: I give up!
Macintyre: You're launching a leadership bid too. At this rate I'm going to win the Pulitzer.
Iain: I'd really like to make love to you James.
Macintyre: You're joining the Labour Party! Gordon is going to appoint me Minister of Defence.
Iain: James, even you could do better than Ainsworth.
Macintyre: You're telling me you support Al Qaeda and giving up politics, moving to Afghanistan to fight with the Taliban.
Iain: I need a stiff one.
Macintrye: The bar is over there.

Anonymous said...

ID: Do let me tell you about my latest speaking and broadcasting commitments.
JM: I'd love to stay and listen, but I really must dash.
ID: Well just let me tell you about my list of the hundred most boring bloggers. You'll never guess who's top.
JM: Honestly Iain, I really must be going

Glyn H said...

So according to Newmania it is Romeo of the Dales and Juliet not very Bravo!

Mike Goggin said...

OK, you've got patting your head sorted, but put your glass down before you try rubbing your stomach at the same time .....

Anonymous said...

did cameroon just shit on ma head. Just like he did to all of us on this EU shite.

Disco Biscuit said...

Dale: "And who's your other subscriber?"

ben_hallam007 said...

I am not as talented as my Dad!

Thatsnews said...

"So, you'd recommend another couple of mil off the top, then?"

"Yes, if you want to stop looking like that James Macintyre!"

"But I am James Macintyre!"

"My dear fellow! I didn't realise! I am so sorry for you! Why not try a Guido Fawkes mask, instead?"

Cynic said...

If you take out a subscription we send you a free DVD "From Foot to Kinnock - Labour's Wonder Years"

Anonymous said...

So, "Competition". Anyone win it? Tee-Shirt? Half used glass of champagne?

Blair's Paid Ego Parrot said...

M:'I just
went outside for some air and got talking to some local lads.When I said my name was Macintyre,they thought I was that investigator chappy and cracked my skull! D:'That's funny! I just skulled some crack!'

anarki said...

Dale: As a so called "progressive" publication, why do you think it's acceptable to take money from BAE who are arms dealers on trial for bribery?

Anonymous said...

Shoot...what was that?

Anonymous said...

*Who threw that?
*Ow...THE SKY IS FALLING IN! I must go tell everyone!
ID..."Chicken Little"!
*"Yeah right"! "Do you have to bring it up every time I see you"?
*BALD!!!Moi? nah!Me heads grown
*If we'd have gone to Brighton the bloody seagulls would have got me,
suppose pigeons make a refreshing change, maybe a cure...i could flog it on ebay.

ReefKnot said...

So I said to Harriet " Women need equality like I need a hole in the head..."

Anonymous said...

Woman in background.
I've got champagne..I've got champaign...get that waitress...If I stand still maybe no one will notice.
Man at side of her...I've just lobbed mine....think it hit that bloke over there...I'm off