Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Tory Rascal fancies some beer and sandwiches.
2. O'Conall Street thinks Gerry A**ms has had a Ratner moment.
3. Tom Harris (mis)interprets David Cameron's speech. And it's v funny.
4. Byrne Baby Byrne analyses a cunning stunt.
5. Lobbydog has evidence that John Bercow was campaigning for the Speakership back in 2006.
6. Laurie Penny on the rumours that Gordon Brown suffers from depression.
7. Douglas Carswell on what lobbyists think of party conferences.
8. Max Atkinson on the annual conference for speechwriters.
9. Liberal England has the shortest ever entry to the Daley Dozen: three words.
10. Hattie Garlick on the Top Ten Political Hecklers.
11. Guido Fawkes issues a challenge to the parliamentary lobby.
12. Mark Hanson on a Tory reachout to the Manchester Bloggeratti. Interesting that we find this out via a Labour supporting blog!


Anonymous said...

FYI - I was able to attend the parade in Benson to commemorate the return from Iraq of RAF Benson's helicopters.

Hundreds turned out to cheer and the local shop was happily selling Union Flags.

They were made in China.

I see the Phoenix 4 report has whitewashed the govt. (WFV 'roven' - nearly there)

D Hughes said...

"...on the rumours that Gordon Brown suffers from depression."

That does not surprise me, he's depressed me for years.

Anonymous said...

Why A**ms???

Lady Finchley said...

Brown, depressed? Ya think? He has all the earmarks of depression and other mental health issues-I also think Aspergers. That doesn't make him unfit to be PM - what makes him unfit is his apparent refusal to take advice and his conviction that he is right at all times. Plus other unappealling personality traits such as disappearing when in a tight corner. However, anti-depressants are not the answer - therapy is but I am afraid if you need therapy on the NHS you are plum out of luck. Of couse if you want a sex change on the NHS you're welcome!