Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Survey Results: Your Media Habits

In my blog survey I asked which newspapers and magazine you read every day...

Daily Telegraph 39% (-3)
The Times 36% (-2)
The Guardian 23% (-2)
Daily Mail 20% (+1)
Independent 12% (-18)
Regional Daily 12% (-3)
The Sun 7% (-1)
Express 2% (-2)
Mirror 2% (-1)

And every week or month...

Sunday Times 44% (-1)
Sunday Telegraph 36% (-4)
Spectator 24% (-7)
Mail on Sunday 23% (+1)
Private Eye 34%
Observer 20% (-1)
Economist 16% (-4)
Total Politics 16% (+1)
Independent on Sunday 12% (+1)
News of the World 10% (+1)
New Statesman 5% (-3)
House Magazine 4% (-)

And then I asked which political programmes or channels you watch/listen to every day

BBC News Channel 46% (-)
Sky News 37% (+3)
Today Programme 35% (-3)
Radio 5 Live 20% (-1)
Daily Politics 14% (+3)
BBC Parliament 7% (+1)
Fox News 4% (-2)
Al Jazeera 1%

And every week...

Question Time 45% (+5)
This Week 31% (+1)
Andrew Marr 25% (-1)
Politics Show 22% (-)
Westminster Hour 13% (-2)
Week at Westminster 13% (-2)
Sunday with Adam Boulton 10% (-3)
Press TV 1%

2,400 of you took part in this survey


Bert Rustle said...


According to a comment at, Labour MEP has Richard Corbett
made the following request, which reads in part :

... I am therefore writing to ask if you could help in a simple but potentially effective way: simply to remind everyone on your personal email mailing list, and if possible your work email mailing list, to urge them to use their right to vote.

I am therefore suggesting that you might consider something along the following lines which you can cut and paste and adapt to send to as many people as you feel appropriate:


I am sending this round-robin to urge you to vote in the European elections later this week –Thursday 4th June.

Many people think that European elections don’t matter. They do. ...

In addition there is a real threat, under this proportional representation election, that the BNP might win a seat and gain the platform and legitimacy of being among Britain’s elected representatives in the European Parliament. In Yorkshire & Humber, they will take a seat off Labour if they get more than half of Labour’s share of the vote. That seat is held by Richard Corbett, one of the most hard working and committed MEPs.[emphasis added] The thought of him being replaced by Andrew Brons, a former leader of the National Front and an open admirer of Hitler, is truly appalling.

I would urge you to vote and to pass on this message to family. Friends, neighbours and colleagues at work, urging them to do likewise, either by word of mouth, or by forwarding this message to them by email.

Best wishes.


If you feel able to do this, I would be most grateful. Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you want to discuss it and please feel free to adapt the text as you feel necessary.

Best wishes,

Richard Corbett
Labour Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber"

Dick the Prick said...

All dailies down - interwesting, mwah ha ha.

Can we have some Gio news?

It doesn't add up... said...

Some curious omissions from your lists... Does no-one read the FT anymore, or watch C4 news for example? You might also find it informative to have a category for "none". I virtually never watch any TV news (and usually if I do it is involuntary, being in someone else's house when it happens).

Steve H said...

Oh Lord, the only paper showing an increase is the Mail. How depressing.

Anonymous said...

I assume read means via any media? Does anyone still buy the paper versions any more

Anonymous said...

How come the FT was not included in your survey? That's the paper I normally read.

James D said...

What was the change in share for the Eye?

Mirtha Tidville said...

`ere you havent mentioned the Daily Sport readers..