Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Survey Results: Your Blog Habits

14% (-1) of you read the blog via an RSS reader, 58% (-3) via your favourites on your toolbar, 11% (+1) via another site and 16% (+1) by typing the domain name each time
47% (+10) read the blog more often than you used to and 5% (-6) less often than you used to
8% of you read the blog more than 5 times a day, 14% 4 times a day, 47% (+3) 2 or 3 times a day
3% (-1) of you think I blog too often
7% (-) of you think I am a Conservative Party mouthpiece
8% (+1) say you would read me more often if I was more impartial
0.8% (-) think I am a disruptive influence on the Conservative Party
21% (+6) want less gossip and more policy analysis
79% (+1) of you like my occasional personal ramblings
24% (-) think I am too fair to political opponents
18% (-6) of you think I am not as influential as I think I am
84% (+9) of you think if I get something wrong I normally apologise

And these are the blogs you read every day. Interestingly only a third of you visit ConHome each day. I'd have thought there would be more crossover than that. One interesting trend is the falloff in readership of MSM blogs.

Guido Fawkes 73% (+6)
Conservative Home 32% (+2)
Spectator Coffee House 31% (-)
PoliticalBetting.com 26% (-2)
Dizzy Thinks 23% (+1)
Devil's Kitchen 13% (-2)
Ben Brogan 13% (-1)
Comment Central 12% (-)
John Redwood 12% (-)
Dan Hannan 11% (+6)
Nick Robinson 10% (-6)
Boulton & Co 7% (-5)
Archbishop Cranmer 8% (-)
Paul Waugh 8%

Tom Harris 8% (+2)
Three Line Whip 7% (-4)
Nadine Dorries 5%
Red Box 4% (-3)
Donal Blaney 4% (-1)

Note: 2,400 of you took part in this survey


javelin said...

What is obvious from the MSM is that they have no intention of putting any pressure on their buddies in Parliament. The MSM are doing their absolute best to do the absolute minimum to bring MPs to book. I sincerely hope the feral public stop buying papers because the political journalists have shown almost no integrity over the past ten years. I for one will not shed a tear if the dead tree press vanish off the planet.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Hmmm. My blog is above the Ben Brogan, Nick Robinson, Boulton & Co and Blaney in Wikio; Harris and DK offer non-Tory view points, DK swears very nearly as much as I do; I am probably more active on this blog than Guido, Dizzy, DK, Ben Brogan, the Vulcan, Dan H, Cranmer, Boulton, etc, etc.

Yet for some reason, my blog was not included in the list of other blogs that people read. You seem to be not very keen on me. Do you have some sort of personal animus, Iain?

Plato said...

MSM blogs are pretty crap except Paul Waugh's which is excellent because he doesn't use it as a stocking filler for the stuff that gets spiked.

And of course Dan Hannan's as he gets it as well.

Red Box is the worst sinner of all, followed closely by Nick Robinson.

Thats News said...

I regularly read blogs that I find are written well. Not that always reflect my own political opinions, though.

Incidentally, I feel today could become even more interesting, politcally...

The Euro Election, now only two days away, is looking bad for Labour, Darling is, well, not Brown's Darling any more

Jim Jay said...

I was surprised just how consistent the figures were on last year even with such a good size sample.

No big lurches there really, just smaller trends.

wolfie said...

I agree with Javelin re MSM.

Read Nick Davies " Flat Earth News" re the move from journalism to churnalism.

The dead tree press are in their death throws, especially local papers weirdly.

If anyone reading this is in senior management in dead trees and would like to know how to reinvent themselves and monetise the new paradigm I will be blogging on the subject soon as I have a "cunning plan". Or they could contact me first and be a first mover in the new market

Iain Dale said...

Obnoxio, As I don't know who you are I can't possibly have any personal animus against you. I don't link to you because I don't read your blog.

Dimoto said...

Ha-ha, shocking that 10% still read the Nick Robinson blog. After the first couple of months of his promotion, comments on his blog fell off a cliff as people wised up to his agenda.
The guy only ever writes things either whispered by Campbell & co or just pure meaningles tittle-tattle gossip.
He is the living (maybe ?) example of the across-the-board dumbing down by the BBC.

Faceless Bureaucrat said...

"Interestingly only a third of you visit ConHome each day. I'd have thought there would be more crossover than that."

Not really, Tim is a good read, but the Blog itself is too busy and too often you have to 'wade through treacle' to get to something you want to comment on.

You, Coffee House and Guido get it right - less is more and so you attract more hits as your Blogs are less hard work to plough through.

Just a thought...