Friday, June 05, 2009

Morning Thread & Tuning into Our Live Election Results Radio Programme

At 9am we start our live election coverage on Just go to the website, click on LISTEN and then choose Play Talk. If you have problems with the stream copy and paste this link into your browser.

We'll have lots of interviews with leading politicians and commentators, but we'll also be taking calls from listeners all over the country, as we glean information about what happened yesterday.

If you want to appear live on the programme call 01243 556161. Obviously we can only take one call at a time so you may have to wait a bit, but don’t give up!


Dial up . We can take Skype calls, and also Skye chat messages.


You can use my twitter name @iaindale, and it will appear on my Tweetdeck app, or you can use the hashtag #electionstudio. The hashtag is probably best.

For those who don't wish to listen to my dulcet tones for seven hours and prefer more traditional coverage, the BBC will be doing an election programme from 1-3pm on BBC 1, which then switches to the News Channel. The Daily Politics is on at 11.30on BBC2 also. Sky News will also be doing a rolling programme from around midday. But you'll have far more fun tuning into what a Twitter described as Iain Dale's Huge Election programme... Can't think what he meant.


moorlandhunter said...

I saw you one Sky news this morning looking very trim and dapper!
Glad to see that the BNP are nowhere in the results. May it long be so.

Liam said...

I will be at the count from 9 this morning Iain but I'll do my best to tune in as soon as!

Thatsnews said...

Labour finish behind Green Party and UKIP. Not good for Brown

Anonymous said...

Sweet of you to acknowledge that the BBC are actually covering the election results ;)


JuliaM said...

"Glad to see that the BNP are nowhere in the results."


But it's early days - only three results in so far.

Andrew said...

I hope that you will point out that Gordon Brown - he of the unflappable Presbyterian conscience - schemed and plotted and undermined the Blair administration, of which he was a part. Now the boot is well and truly on the other foot, and Brown knows what it's like.

At least Blair won three elections and had a democratic mandate, whereas Brown the Stalinist shied away from a vote. Labour are reeping what they have sown, and deserve everything that is coming to them.

New Labour 1997-2009 RIP.

HHunter said...

BBC News Channel are reporting that Darling will remain as Chancellor.

Anonymous said...

Nick Robinson now saying Darling will be staying put in No 11.

NO BALLS!! The Supreme Bottler has bottled it yet again.

JuliaM said...


Au contraire! They now reside in Alastair's pocket, that's all ;)

DAvid said...

Lincoln is Tory target 83 according to UKPollingReport. ConHome are reporting 20% swings! Labour lost 17 of 21 seats in the county.This should be a bloodbath. I just hope the BBC does not manage to hide the scale of it behind the Purnell story.

Jonathan Cook said...

So Brown is leaking details of his re-shuffle on the beeb right now.


This is the equivalent of General Custer awarding a few battlefield promotions.

This is futile. Brown needs to either resign or stand in a leadership contest.

Anonymous said...


Au contraire! They now reside in Alastair's pocket, that's all ;)

Balls's balls, or Brown's balls?

SHB said...

Wondering if the letter with the 75 names on it is going to be published today, or on Monday after the (what will be for sure devestating) election results are known?

Either way I reckon Brown has got no more than 4 days left.

Bring on the General Election.

Anonymous said...

Of course this means that Ed Balls will never be Chancellor of the Exchequer. Another lifetime's ambition lies in smouldering ruins.

Couldn't have happened to a nastier chap.

Scary Mary said...

See if you can mention UKIP becoming the nasty party -

Therese said...

North West Hampshire - Andover North goes from LD to Conservative with a 400 majority.
Party on Pam!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Electorate so dumb to even want a General Election. Well it's really the media and the power hungry Tories calling for it. All the politicians are the guilty ones in our eyes after this expenses fiasco.
Cameron and his cronies have been behaving like vultures over the Labour carcas.
But I would agree with Andrew that it was Brown who rocked the Blair Labour Party boat.

It was interesting though what Paddy Ashdown said on Chan 4 News the other day. He claimed that in a private chat with Blair some time back that he called for an openess in Government by passing certain ideas so as not to have caused this sad episode in British politics (the current Expense scandal).
Apparently Blair replied to Paddy "I would but I just cant get it past Gordon."
Amazing that the power one can achieve being PrimeMinister, yet Blair feared Brown throughout his entire Premiership.
No wonder Cameron wants Brown to stay, whereas new Labour leadership blood would send the Tories back into the doldrums for yet another 4 years.

But the Alan Sugar appointment is just rediculous and desperate. We dont need showbiz politics.


Thats News said...

Lord Help us! Brown puts Sugar on it

Kevin Boatang said...

Self promotion? Never. Surely not.

An opinion on anything Iain?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments regarding Brown undermining Blair for years.
It`s great to see him get a taste of his own medicine......what goes around etc

Thats News said...

More details of the rolling disaster that is the Labour Party

Thats News said...

What the blogs are saying

I am listening to Brown, via Play Radio UK. The man is an utter REDACTED CENSORED and an utter hoon of the worst possible type.

John M Ward said...

This was a genuinely very good programme, partly because of the way it was handled (including the extra two hours on the end!) and partly because of the events that occurred during this momentous day.

Mind you, that Hopi Sen fellow was a good reminder of how Socialists think, trying to twist all of reality to fit their warped world view.

It brought back memories of the Labour members I used to face across the Council Chamber during all those years…