Sunday, June 07, 2009

How to Listen to PlayRadioUk Election Results Coverage From 6pm

At 6pm we start our live election coverage on Just go to the website, click on LISTEN and then choose Play Talk. If you have problems with the stream copy and paste this link into your browser.

Mac users should go to the homepage of Playradio below the list of stations on the left.

Alternatively, click on this link

Or click HERE for the iPlayer

Click HERE to launch Play Talk UK in your default media player

It may take a few seconds to load, so be patient!

We'll have lots of interviews with leading politicians and commentators, but we'll also be taking calls from listeners all over the country, as we glean information about what happened yesterday.

If you want to appear live on the programme call 01243 556161. Obviously we can only take one call at a time so you may have to wait a bit, but don’t give up!


Dial up . We can take Skype calls, and also Skype chat messages.


You can use my twitter name @iaindale, and it will appear on my Tweetdeck app, or you can use the hashtag #electionstudio. The hashtag is probably best.

If you are still having trouble accessing us, leave a comment here and someone will come up with a solution. I know AOL browsers don't seem to work, so if you can use IE or Firefox, that's your best bet.


Dorian Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Gingerist, you are on air now, very professional

Gillian Anderson, enough to turn Ms Dale

Anonymous said...

Neil Kinnock
Simon Heffer
Mick Hucknall

- pure, 100% window-dressing.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to work in either Safari or Firefox on a Mac. And the website itself is horrendously slow.

Tory Politico said...

Is anyone else having serious problems accessing the play radio uk website, for some reason I cannot access the site or any of the ways listed above to listen.

Housing Hubba Bubba said...

'Is anyone else having serious problems accessing the play radio uk website'

Same here. Keep getting 'Document contains no data' errors. Think it might be trying to connect to the Labour Party Manifesto.

DespairingLiberal said...

Not working for me. Don't know if that makes me happy or sad - if it was working, I could check out if Iain is showing any chagrin over his childish pebble-throwing at Michael White, someone he has praised in the past. Made Iain look like just another sad little Old Tory brat, but there you go.

My word verification was "conan"! Somewhat innapropriate.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was only me that was having trouble....

DNS Error - Server cannot be found

Keith Willey said...

Having probs too. Please though, Despairing Liberal, you've made your point...just let it go!

Simon Gardner said...

Nope not working at all 7-6-09 6.38 PM using one of my Macs.

Jake said...

Not working for me either! What a load of sh*te!

Francis said...

The link to listen through default media player worked for me (after a lot of loading) and eventually stopped buffering every few seconds.
COuldn't even load playradio website for ages.

Simon Gardner said...

Aha. Working. Coming out of iTunes for some reason.

Jump off point is:

wee leither said...

cant access radio

Nigel said...

Not working for me either

Spartacus Mills said...

Had a hell of a game getting access to the site.

I am currently listening as well.

It is a very good show. Thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Nigel Farage sounded very very happy.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the clown interviewer who refused to take part in the BNP interview because they "tell lies ... blah ... blah..."
Will he now refuse to interview Gordon Brown following his blatant lies at Friday's press conference?
Following the interview another moron commented on how it was not right that the BNP leader should be so "polished" compared to his thicko deputy. Very much like Blair and Two Jags Prescott, no?

BrianSJ said...

Can't get it to work by any of the means you give (PC and Firefox, windows media player and media player classic). Just error messages apart from the iPlayer, but that didn't work.

DominicJ said...

HNH: "The BNP use the politics of fear"

I assume he hasnt seen the Labour election broadcast...

BrianSJ said...

It's working this time with windows media player. worth the effort.

subrosa said...

At last! It works for me on the Mac with Simon's link:

Then scroll right down to the bottom of the page to Mac Advanced Listings and click on listen at the side of Talk. It comes through iTunes but it's fine.

Michaela said...

Mark Francois just ambushed Glenys Kinnock on Sky with Fraser Nelson joining in afterwards
She admits that she ISN'T a Minister yet as she's still an MEP (The
new Parliament doesn't sit until mid July), so she can't join the HL.
Clearly flustered by Mark's brilliant probing, she then said it will
be sorted out tomorrow. Mark said that she's worried about losing her