Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Pink News has a poll showing gay people are going to vote Tory.
2. Tory Euro candidate Vicky Ford gets the brushoff from Simon Heffer.
3. Blackburn Labour has a worrying story about torn postal votes.
4. Tory Radio reckons Nottingham Labour don't like it up 'em.
5. Richard Benyon MP rails against PR.
6. The Jury Team on reshuffling the jokers.
7. Channel 4 News pol ed Gary Gibbon has a new blog.
8. Tom Harris thinks we should all bet on a Labour victory at the next election. ROFL.
9. Paul Linford on reshuffle baloney.
10. Three Thousand Versts on DUP defections.
11. Dizzy is impressed by the Jury Team's attack ad on UKIP.
12. Ben Brogan asks if David Cameron can stop John Bercow becoming Speaker.


Backbench Warrior said...

Only 5% of those in the Pink News poll voting UKIP? Well below national average.

Image problem? A shame.

JP said...

Iain - I don't know if you happened to watch Newsnight this evening. I did - and was so angry that I've just sent this email to the BBC:

I was really appalled by your editorial decision-making on Newsnight this evening. On the day when the Home Secretary resigned and three Labour MPs announced their retirements, Jeremy Paxman spent a good five minutes grilling William Hague on the tax status of Lord Ashcroft.

I don't doubt that this is a genuine matter of public interest, but to major on this on a day when frankly there were more important things going on elsewhere was at best baffling.

Hitherto, I've vociferously argued against those who tried to persuade me that there was a left-wing editorial bias at the BBC, but I can see no other way to explain what took place tonight. I'm not a member of any political party - indeed, my current work precludes political activism - but this evening's programme was the final straw which has persuaded me to change my mind.

Reluctantly, I've concluded that the BBC is no longer an impartial commentator. Equally reluctantly, I've also concluded that you have forfeited your right to be publicly funded. I will therefore henceforth add my voice to those campaigning for the abolition of the licence fee.

I'm sorry to have reached that conclusion, but there it is. Thought you should probably know.
Sent more in sorrow than in anger! Was I just being naive until today?

Working Class Tory said...

laughing at Tom Harris is a bit harsh.. It's got me proper worried now, since he's got a load of good points.

mountains and molehills said...

I expanded a bit more on my fledgling little blog, but I can't help but notice Tom didn't say who woudl be PM in his labour victory scenario. Am I reading too far between the lines?