Monday, June 01, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

First of all, apologies for the sparcity of posting today and indeed the periods in between comment moderation. I do have a day job and I am afraid that today has been a particularly busy one, which has prevented me from doing much on the blog.

1. Tea with a Tory: Gordon Brown sings Susan Boyle.
2. Jeremy Hunt has a Chinese take on MP expenses.
3. Paul Waugh says Clegg needs to show the smack of firm leadership.
4. Labour Lists's Alex Smith asks how Labour is doing online.
5. Spectator Coffee House asks if Charles Clarke's moment has now come.
6. James Forsyth predicts utter chaos on Friday. No change there, then.
7. Tobias Ellwood gives his MP colleagues some advice on public meetings.
8. Richard Spring on bananas and republics.
9. Vicky Ford was on Question Time. In the East.
10. Guido exposes Labour's faked apologies.
11. Letters from a Tory thinks it's amateur night at Nick Clegg's place.
12. Dizzy Thinks LabourList might be merging with LabourHome.


Richard said...

Guido's story is one of the most astonishing and indicative tales of Labour. Have they learnt nothing at all? News management is everything, honesty irrelevant to Labour.

James said...

That's the Toriest Daley Dozen I think I've ever seen. In election mode much?

(and yes, host's discretion, I'm not suggesting you should be more balanced, unlike the BBC)

The Grim Reaper said...

Labour is indeed moving forward online - partly thanks to Derek Draper no longer being a part of it. Labour won't come into its own online until they come up with new and radical policy ideas. And that won't happen until they're back on the opposition benches.

Or the "third party benches", if things go really badly.

subrosa said...

I think Dizzy may well be right.