Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cabinet Minister to Break Cover at 10pm?

The hot rumour is that a Cabinet Minister is intending to break cover as soon as the polls close at 10pm. I'll be on the Richard Bacon Show from 10pm-11pm with Mike Smithson from PoliticalBetting and former Downing Street spin meister Lance Price. Don't think we will be stuck for conversation.

UPDATE: Caroline Flint is recording an interview to go out at 10pm, but according to a tweet from Paul Waugh, she will back Brown. Is that more courageous than not backing Brown?!

UPDATE: PoliticsHome has a poll showing that 66% of voters now want an election.

UPDATE: Michael Crick says Alan Johnson's campaign team is in place.


David said...

Well we haven't had a cabinet minister resign all day. It's been a bit boring. If it really is Cabinet might we get Caroline Flint as well? I think we will need multiple resignations now to move the game on a bit.

Oliver Drew said...

Most interesting. I look forward to that then. Must tune in!

Dorian Smith said...

That's former Downing Street spin meister and former BBC Political Correspondent, Lance Price.

Daniel Earwicker said...

Is Gordon going to try to distance himself from himself?

I think that's what was going on in that YouTube video, the lower half of his face was trying to reposition itself as an off-message backbench rebel.

David said...

Just had a thought. If this happens will Brown dare go to France on Saturday? Just as well Prince Charles got an invite eh?

Bill Quango MP said...

Who? Place your bets.

Not many realistic ones to choose from.
Alistair Darling MP - unlikely
Jack Straw MP - Nah! He's been spinning for the home side today.
Jacqui Smith MP - who?
John Hutton MP - nah
Alan Johnson MP - hello, hello, hello
Hilary Benn MP - long shot.
Douglas Alexander MP - ha! what he do instead. Care worker?
Harriet Harman MP - What, and leave Herr Flick?
James Purnell MP - getting warmer.
Geoff Hoon MP - never
Ed Balls MP - not a chance
Ed Miliband MP - No..but then again the quiet ones...
Andy Burnham MP - Unlikely but not impossible.
Shaun Woodward MP - No way. Gordy's new best friend is staying put.
Baroness Royall - who would notice?
Yvette Cooper MP - not unless ed does. And he isn't.
John Denham MP - ahhhh

Constantly Furious said...

All these cabinet ministers resigning/not resigning is very amusing to watch, but will make no difference.

I've got some bad news:

Gordon's not going anywhere: here's why.

He won't jump (too arrogant; doesn't think anyone else can do "his" job), and he can't be pushed (protected by party rules; it's just too damn hard to remove him).

So, tragically, the worst PM we've ever had will stay put, for as long as he damn well wants.

Flemingcrag said...

Who is Caroline Flint?
Is there anyone in this juvenile Cabinet who should be out on their own at 10pm?
Who cares?

Its at times like these when you survey the non-calibre of politicians from all parties and consider how much we have surrendered to Europe that you think: Has the sacrifice of so many young lives on D-Day the 6th of June been squandered?

peterporcupine said...

So who might that be then.

Will you tell us Iain?
Got a name?

That's all of us outside the mainstream media and the wantabes.

Reporting is not nudge nudge wink wink. It really matters.

To play fast and loose with election law you need quite large balls. (And a bank account and a toothbrush and condoms. The Scrubs is not a pretty place)

Have a go.
Put names to your gossip.
As people go to the polls.

I am a fan

Rexel No 56 said...

Hmmm..... I do wonder now whether rumours like this, and the supposed 80 or 100 signatories of the alleged "Go Gordon" letter, might be part of a No 10 strategy .....

... having put 80 or a 100 into the news headlines they have effectively set the bar for Clark, Byers and others to clear....

... equally, if there is no resignation at 10pm tonight it will be spun as a sign that the party and ministers are rallying behind Brown

Anonymous said...

One more cabinet minister goes then that will be curtains for the Prime Mentalist.

Anonymous said...

James Purnell apparently seriously considering quitting and making very clear why.

Mirtha Tidville said...

Just loving it........

Raedwald said...

10 pm is a bit late for me - I'd be obliged if they stuck to resigning before 9 pm, like decent people. Still, I suppose it being poll day excuses the general incivility.

I'd be pleased though if tomorrow's failed Cabinet Minister managed to resign during the afternoon, as I have an evening engagement.

Anonymous said...

It's postman Pat by a country mile.

Marius Ostrowski said...

Best Euro election quote I've yet heard, texted from a friend:
"My dad is voting Scargill. Mum threatened him with divorce if he voted BNP!"

Anonymous said...

Isn't 'getting a campaign team in place' what is supposed to have scuppered Portillo?

As for D-Day --- Obama has just arrived in Germany for talks, he is then on the way to France to see Sarko. But not planning to move on to UK.

So its easy to see why Brown was desperate to avoid HMQ from getting in the way of him claiming an audience with Obama.

When you look at Bill Quangos list you realise just what shite creek we have fallen into without the proverbial paddle.

You will be able to tell who Brown really despises because he will send him to Northern Ireland.

It will be Darling sacrificed, Balls Chancellor Cooper Education Denham Communities Woodward Home Office.

Doormat Darling can be relied on to hear speak and see nothing.

Anonymous said...

Its Purnell !

Anonymous said...

James Purnell, stabs Gordy in the CHEST

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Where do you get your information from?

Paul Halsall said...

Damn. I don't like Purnell. I live with AIDS and found his attack on people with disabilities unpardonable. I don't want a more Blairite Party. But I too want a real effort to renew the left. That means, above all, keeping a significant Labour Party presence in Westminster. So, Goodbye GB.