Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Treat: My Top 100 Songs: 26-50

Here's the third installment of my Top 100 Songs.There are some absolute classics in this section, but also some you may not know. I'll post the 25-1 section later this afternoon. Try to hide your sense of anticipation...

PS I have removed many of the YouTube links from the previous posts as they were making the site very slow to load for some people.

26. Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Julie Covington
27. Grow - Kubb
28. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
29. Music - John Miles
30. Listen to the Voices - Inigo Byrne

31. One Man in My Heart - Human League
32. Human - The Killers
33. Do No Wrong - Thirteen Senses
34. What's Up - 4 Non Blondes
35. Dance Some More - Mango Groove

36. Apologize - Timberland
37. Slipping Through my Fingers - Meryl Streep
38. Blonde on Blonde - Nada Surf

39. Tonight - New Kids on the Block
40. Perfect Day '97
41. Ueber Sieben Bruecken Musst Du Gehn - Karat

42. Both Sides Now - Clannad & Paul Young
43. Altogether Now - The Farm
44. Candle in the Wind - Elton John
45. A City of Sadness - S.E.N.S

46. Love is All Around - Wet Wet Wet
47. I Like Chopin - Gazebo

48. Fading Like a Flower - Roxette
49. Time Became the Tide - Blancmange
50. Heaven's Not For Saints - Morten Harket


Anonymous said...

Please stop posting all these clips, it is making your blog unreadable. Thanks

ukipwebmaster said...

No comments so far?
Now that the Tories are cerebrating England you could always include this:

Anonymous said...

If the Pogues - Christmas in New York is not in the top 25, i'm off to trolly dolly's blog.

update - it seems abandoned - thank heaven for small mercies.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I went through a naff kraut krapp phase, to my shame, and my favourite was

Stefan Waggershausen singing "Hello Engel"

Which is another reason why I am please we won the war.

Keep it up Iain. You have no shame. I like that.

JuliaM said...

'Candle in the Wind'....?


IanW said...

Mistake. Don't do it again. Please.

Rush-is-Right said...

As a professional musician, it never fails to surprise me that people whom in a lot of respects I admire (that's you Iain) have such vile (and I really mean that, yes VILE) taste. Where is the jazz? Where is the Bach? It's all just noise. They play this stuff in supermarkets and lifts, and it's bloody annoying. Stop it.

Newmania said...

Mover and shaker you may be Mr. Dale but if I had to listen to an entire Party Selection of yours I would be begging for someone to kill me.

Still each to their own. Is Both Sides now ( Paul Young and Clannad ) the Joni Mitchell song? I have a good Glen Campbell version and I like Paul Young . That might be ok

niconoclast said...

And when exactly did you have this aesthetic bipass operation?

Anonymous said...

Ian - your taste in music is absolutely dreadful

Heaven knows what will be in your top 10

Markus said...

I bet you have teddy bears on you bed. You big soft...