Monday, April 13, 2009

Top 20 Tory Twitterers

1. Boris Johnson 24,341
2. Conservative Party 5,453
3. Iain Dale 3,025
4. James Cleverly 1,701
5. Jonathan Sheppard 1,482
6. Grant Shapps 814
7. Steve Green 793
8. Tim Montgomerie 761
9. Craig Elder 736
10. Conservative Future 709
11. Michael Fabricant MP 496
12. Tory Bear 465
13. Louise Bagshawe 454
14. Ed Vaizey MP 451
15. Jonathan Isaby 393
16. Shane Greer 386
17. Phil Hendren (Dizzy) 361
18. Ellee Seymour 295
19. David Evennett MP 263
20. Alex Singleton 254

Please do let me know of any Tory Twitterers who I have failed to spot who have more than 254 followers. I am sure I have missed a few.

If you are on Twitter and wish to follow any of the above, just click on the names and then click FOLLOW.


subrosa said...

Good idea Iain. Mind you, there's only two SNP twitterers I know of and neither have great followings. Out of small acorns though...

Thanks I'll give it a go and if it raises a smile all good and well. If it encourages people to Twitter even better.

Oberon Houston said...

I've got 383!! said...

We can't imagine where you got the idea for this post from!

Well they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery ;-)

The Church Mouse said...

The Church Mouse is right of centre and has 485 followers.

Conand said...

You show Dizzy on 361 but put him above Isaby(393) and Greer(386)

Weird :)


Well, that and the fact that Iain is famous for doing random lists of anything and everything.

James Moyies UKIP South Essex said...

I have 1,365 followers. Please include me your list. jamesmoyies

Iain Dale said...

Er, have you joined the Tories then?

tim for change said...

Hi Iain, Since others are indulging in a bit of shameless self promotion could I also submit my name as a top Tory Twitterer. I have 382 followers on twitter. I don't just tweet about politics, but I do use my tweets to promote the right of centre political social network that I help run and I provide (hopefully) useful information about upcoming political discussions in London.

tim for change said...

And my twitter name is @timforchange

SamuelCoates said...

Bah, 10 under sadly - 244. Though I note some of these guys have used Draper's trick of adding tonnes of people!

Ryx said...

To be honest, raw follower numbers don't mean a great deal. A more reliable method is the ratio of followers to people followed. One thing that is clear about Twitter is that people become obsessed with how many people are following them. A very quick way to increase one's followers is to follow people that follow back (those with a ratio of around 1 in the list below) - there are scores of websites that refer you to people who nearly always auto follow.

Ranking the names of people you refer to by ratio reveals those who are truly popular in their own right. Those with a ratio close to 1 are sometimes well known (James Cleverly is an example on this list or Karl Rove in the USA) but, most likely, a large proportion of their followers come from the fact they tend to auto follow. Sorry to be cynical but it's just far too easy to increase follower numbers. This method, though not faultless, at least reveals those who aren't going out of their way to get more followers:

1. Boris Johnson 376.02
2. Iain Dale 20.25
3. Phil Hendren (Dizzy) 12.65
4. Tim Montgomerie 11.56
5. Shane Greer 6.91
6. Ed Vaizey MP 5.64
7. Alex Singleton 3.91
8. Jonathan Isaby 3.01
9. David Evennett MP 2.06
10. Tory Bear 2.05
11. Michael Fabricant MP 2.02
12. Grant Shapps 1.59
13. Craig Elder 1.21
14. Louise Bagshawe 1.18
15. Ellee Seymour 1.14
16. Conservative Party 0.98
17. James Cleverly 0.98
18. Jonathan Sheppard 0.97
19. Conservative Future 0.88
20. Steve Green 0.40

curly15 said...

@Curly15 currently has 259 followers and we are all a bi bunch of twits (we do have a laugh from time to time though)