Monday, April 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

"If you want to be a superstar blogger,
get in the papers but lose Labour an election -
you can just fuck off".

Derek Draper to other Labour bloggers, Sept 2008

Well he's certainly taken his own advice, hasn't he?

Hattip: A Labour blogger who would rather remain anonymous.


Martin said...

Oh the irony of those words!

Stuart Dickson said...

Why all the fuss about Red Rag?

This Labour Party smear blog, started in December 2008, is still pushing out McBride/Draper excrement:

Oh, of course! It's OK to systematically smear the SNP.

Jonathan Cook said...

That was £100K very well spent - thank you Unite.

We've even got an apology from Brown. A Gordon apology is as rare as rocking horse poo.....

Dave H said...

From the 17:00 news, the team of spinners in The Bunker have formulated their best attempt to extricate themselves from the poo.


Grumpy Old Man said...

GB hasn't apologised, he's "regreted it ever happened". In the good old days of duels of honour, "regret" was not considered an appropriate satisfaction for the injury, and I see no reason, why in this case,it should be today.
in case it slipped your mind, the IRA invariably "regrets"

Raedwald said...

"Dear Nadine

This smear campaign is a global phenomenon that started in America (near Berkeley to be exact) and was not of my government's making.

The measures I have taken will ensure stability in the spin system and could save the World. I am not a 'do nothing' Prime Minister like some you may know.

So to the extent that I should have known about the campaign (which I didn't)if I'd sanctioned it (which I didn't)and if it wasn't an unsanctioned bit of nonsense between just two young men, in such circumstances I accept a minor degree of culpability might, just might, fall to others (but not me) in my government and to this extent I apologise.

Best Regards


Grumpy Old Man said...


Dick the Prick said...

The humanity of it all. I genuinely feel sorry for Kate but the lad can be a house husband and just piss everyone off anonymously in between cleaning the kitchen and mowing the lawn.

Why the hell didn't they get a tecky in who knew what the chuff they were doing? Less is more etc.

smallbz said...

Quote from Charlotte Raven 1998

"As a leading light in the Labour Club, Derek was surrounded by fawning acolytes and his behaviour became worse and worse. Like all petty tyrants, he mistakenly believed himself invulnerable. We managed to oust him from his post of Communications Officer on a technicality. But people had wanted rid of him for a long time"

More insight into the sad sad world of 80s Leftie student politics that these idiots are 'working through':

Martin said...

I see the Tories are rightly upset that the bogey eating Nokia phone destroying one eyed prat has said "unsubstantiated" rather than "lies" or "smear"

Quite right as well. The one eyed jock just can't use the proper words can he?

But of course the BBC are trying to big this up as an apology, so lets 'move the story on' in the way the good old BBC loves to do when it's bad for McNokia.

The Penguin said...

Look can we get this straight, Dolly Draper is NOT a blogger of any worth or use or standing, as he never properly engages in any debate, merely issues "press releases" sanctioned by the NuLiebore Hierarchy.

He knows less about blogging than my cat does.

The Penguin

Pavlov said...

We in Wales also had a Labour smear blog, called Natwatch, which smeared and lied about Plaid Cymru politicians, and stooped so low as to mock the Sunderland accent of a Plaid Cymru Assembly member because she happened to be English. This site was run by Assembly Labour with the connivance and approval of elected politicians.
Meanwhile, emails on discussion sites were written allegedly from Plaid supporters containing racist and anti-English comments. Every one of them was traced back to Millbank, where Labour henchmen were sending them out falsely.
They also made homophobic and sexist comments about Plaid members - these too were found to come from Labour HQ.
What we need is for the people behind it to be outed in the same way as McBride and Draper and co.

molesworth 1 said...

Is that hubris or tragedy? (I did science, not literature)

georgeorwellslittlesister said...

It's hubris - overweening conceit
Tragedy is nobility of character gone bad

Uncle Bob said...

At least his book looks like it's doing well...oh wait