Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nick Clegg Has Another Tanty

I like Nick Clegg. There. I've said it. But liking someone means you have to tell them when they've made a complete arse of themselves. And I'm afraid that's what Nick Clegg has apparently done today. Tory Bear describes it as a "hissy fit". Tom Harris accuses him of threatening to "sqweam and sqweam", while Kerron Cross just sighs and says "Aw, bless". And the cause of their ire? Clegg's reaction to not being invited to meet His Obamaness. This is what he allegedly told Richard Kay of the Daily Mail.
I am really annoyed. As it was not a state visit I understood I wouldn't get to see him. But when I found out Obama was meeting the Queen and David Cameron I got on the phone to David Miliband to ask him what was going on. Frankly, it doesn't look good for Cameron to see him and for me not to.

Well get her! I've commented on this before. Nick Clegg would do well to rid himself of his sort of petulance. It rears its ugly head in most interviews, when he sounds as if he is in a permanent state of exasperation.

But a word of warning. Perhaps Tom, Kerron and I are being unfair to Nick Clegg. His office deny absolutely that he ever spoke to Richard Kay or phoned David Miliband. Having been turned over by Richard Kay myself once, I can well believe that he has both misquoted Clegg and exaggerated anything he may have said either to him or one of his loathsome little minions.


Magical_Mist said...

Whether or not those words were spoken by Clegg, I agree with you Iain that he really should attempt to hide his irritation during interviews. It really doesn't endear him to potential voters.
I don't like angry people

Span Ows said...

Never mind, it's not as if Obama would understand that there is more than one party in opposition!

I thought it telling that "Team Obama" met "Team Cameron"...there is clearly ONLY one reason why that would happen, well 2 reasons, one is you-know-what and the other is he may need Conservative votes suppoting a dead-duck Brown to prop any wargames up

denverthen said...

Lembit speaks:

"Geithner's been in private high level talks with The Don - I mean Vinny Cabal - for months now, apparently.

"No one in the party needed to know, apparently - so no one told Nick.

"It was all a bit hush hush. CIA/FBI/TLA/SDP stuff.

"Well, you know, Vin does his thing and we're meant to do ours. We just do it. That's the way it works. What can you do?

"I really think we're much stronger as a party now. Don Vinny thinks Nick is his ticket."

Jabba the Cat said...

Sounds like the protocol arbiters have the LibDims down to a tee, ie. bottom feeders who don't figure on any serious radar. How delicious.

The Grim Reaper said...

Get over yourself, Nicholas William Peter Clegg.

Mirtha Tidville said...

He should learn to treat the Daily Mail with a barge pole......even my old mum, 90 years old today,has given up reading the rag!!!!

Tom said...

I don't get it - are you pissed off that Clegg threw a made-up wobbly?

Andy said...

So nice of you to provide that little health warning after giving the post a title based on the veracity of the story, and revelling in the whole business for a couple of paragraphs. So principled of you, Iain. Having your cake and eating it?