Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Poll Gives Tories 17 Point Lead

There's a new poll in the Sunday Telegraph tomorrow giving the Conservatives a whopping 17 point lead over Labour, who have dropped to 26%. The Tories are in 43% and the LibDems on 21%, up 3%. The Tories are down one.

Other interesting aspects of the poll are that 75% say dumping Brown would not affect their vote. Only 11% said it would make them more likely to vote Labour, while 13% said it would be less likely. More people think Brown is prone to spinning than Tony Blair, which is quite some achievement.

UPDATE: A second poll for the Mail on Sunday also puts Labour on 26%, but the Tories are nineteen points ahead on 45%.


Domesday said...

I hope there are significant regional variations in this poll. In much of the south, we need a decent Labour turnout to split the centre left vote. Complete collapse of Labour in the south would not be good for us.

My ideal is the Labour vote holding up in the south east outside London, and then having it collapse in the North...and then if the SNP power home in Scotland we'll be there.

Lord Allesley said...

There is only one poll that counts. LA feels sure Gordon would like to make that one of his much loved postal ballots if he could.

Counting the days to what despite government efforts will still be a free an fair election!


The Boiling Frog said...

That's more than Labour got in 1997 - the most accurate poll, ICM, showed a 13 point lead which is what happened in the election.

Most pollsters have weighted their findings since then to account for Labour bias in polls.

So on the basis of that this is absolutely dreadful for Labour

Martin Day said...

Labour are doomed - DOOMED!

Vulpus_rex said...

This might be tediously unoriginal but I just do not understand who this 26% of the population are who still think that the Labour party and Gordon Brown are fit for office.

How can there be so many of them - are they complete morons?

Silent Hunter said...

Almost there!

I would love to see Labour beaten into third party status.............. s w e e t !

Man in a Shed said...

What is wrong with 26% of our population ! Can't they see what Labour are like and what they have done ?

Bond007 said...

A pretty good lead for the Tories, considering this is a left-leaning pollster.

Vulpus-rex - they get their political news from the BBC.

Jimmy said...

So I guess June is out then.

Dick the Prick said...

How strong is the Labour intention to vote stat too? It's a helluva long campaign - obviously shady tactics are gonna be deployed but - oh, I dunno.

Oliver Drew said...


I think if Gordon Brown had his way, June in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 etc etc would be out of the question too....:)

Bryan Dunleavy said...

I have just been reading a biography of Disraeli. On an eastern tour he met with the Paha of Egypt who quite liked the idea of introducing a pariament, and then aded, "But I have made up my mind, to prevent inconvenience, to elect them myself."
Now I wonder why that struck a chord?

Neil James said...

Well Mr Brown will be out of a job next year. We will probably see him looking for work at the world bank or somewhere like that as the self-professed saviour of the world economy.

Then we have Tony Blair bucking for EU president what is it with the labour leaders as soon as the public make it clear they are not wanted any more they try and make it big abroad.

I fear me might have a Blair Brown comeback tour in years to come only I doubt they will be a successful a comeback as Take That.

pete-s said...


The TV show SHAMELSS is fact not fiction, that is where your 26% comes from.

Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

Please please let the lead grow and grow.

Labour are destroying this country from the inside out!