Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Labour Admits Pension Credit Rise "Is Not That Much"

The Soho & Westminster Blog has spotted a bit of a balls up on the Labour Party website. The perils of not checking something before you put it live, eh? Something I can happily sympathise with... Needless to say it has been corrected now. All's well that ends well, then.


Thatsnews said...

Honesty in advertising! Ha!

I think this sohuld hae the widest possible circulation. Iy'll be up on my website when I get home, this evening.

Plato said...

That is FAB - will stick on my blog too.

BTW - you have a lose weight ad in between your post and reddit etc.

It looks really weird and part of your post!!

Paul Halsall said...

It is a ball's up. But, as someone who lives more or less on the equivalent of Pension credit, 6 quid a week makes quite a different - it pays for example for bread and milk for a week.

Perhaps not much for toffs! But a good thing for me.


subrosa said...

Just pathetic but about the level of any professionalism within the labour government.

As for the increase it is also pathetic. Us pensioners have the worst deal in comparison with European countries. I'm saddened to think I paid a 'full' stamp for the 40+ years I worked thinking I would have a state pension which would pay for my basic needs.

But of course they hope we won't complain...

Conand said...

@ Subrosa

To be honest I've found quite a few typos on Conservatives.com over the last two years. Not this year though, much better.

@Paul Halsall

So you're saying the people running the Labour website are Toffs? (They thought it sounded low)
They probably are Toffs, but then that doesn't help their putative 'Tory Toff Scum' campaign very much.

Paul Halsall said...

@Conand - I just liked the pictures of the toffs with the Brideshead scene.

In actual fact, the only real verbal class war in this country is against working class people and their likes and dislikes.

I can't say I entirely understand how young working class women in northern cities are able to go out dressed in nothing but stilettos and a wrap boob tube in the middle of winter, but I am pretty sure it makes them no more "slags" or "chavs" than what goes on at Boujis or wherever else the "elite" go to get drunk and get laid.

Paul Pinfield said...

How delicious...

They trumpet a measure that they think is piffling, but they trumpet it none the less.

Bill Quango MP said...

Wouldn't it be great to get an entire press release in its pre release form.

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Conand said...

@Paul Halsall

I tend to agree about the Northern Gals. I'm allergic to even the slightest bit of cold.
I'm friends with and know people from all backgrounds. IMHO You get nice people and irritants in the same proportions everywhere. OK OK, I confess, a lot of posh girls are really irritating.