Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday ConservativeHome

Today is the fourth birthday of ConservativeHome, and I just wanted to write a blogpost congratulating Tim and his team for the splendid work they have done.

What they have achieved is to transform the perception of internet politics, and give grassroots Conservatives a real voice. Their relationship with the Conservative Party has not always been a smooth one, but nor should it have been. I've had my differences with them too, but I don't let that deflect from the fact that it would be almost unimagineable if it wasn't there each morning. For most Conservatives who look at political sites, a visit to ConHome is as vital to their mornings as toast and marmelade. Tim writes HERE about the site's achievements in its first four years.

Happy Birthday Conservative Home.

Note: Just for the record, this blog first saw the light of day in March 2002, although in its present incarnation, since late November 2005.

UPDATE: Plato, in the comments, says it is also, by pure coincidence, the birthday of Guy (as opposed to Guido) Fawkes.


Plato said...

And what a weird coincidence that they share this with Mr Fawkes!

Donal Blaney said...

I prefer cereal myself :)

AD627 said...

Happy birthday indeed.

Worth reading BoJo today:

It Will Come to Me said...

I'll take 6/4 this ends up in Private Eye's obn slot.

Philipa said...

Mr Fawkes' birthday too?

And happy birthday to Christopher Hitchens; 60 today.

davidtbreaker said...

A Happy Birthday to CH! May there be many more.

Iain, what did yout blog look like before 2005 then?

David T Breaker

Jack O'Sullivan said...
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