Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. That's News reports on a Shillings seminar on the dangers of whistleblowing.
2. Blackburn Labour calls for Derek Draper's head.
3. PR & Social Web on how Draper threatened them.
4. FT Westminster Blog on how Labour MPs are getting heir revenge in early.
5. Jeremy Hunt MP on why Labour's online strategy is so bankrupt.
6. Tory candidate Andrea Leadsom asks why would anyone want to be an MP?
7. Iain Martin has been leaked the secret Gordon Brown apology.
8. Adam Boulton with a brilliant analysis of the political perils of the internet.
9. Sunny Hundal says "I won’t get involved in willy-waving but I’ll just mention that my cock is at least as big as yours, so there! Here, take a quick peek!" (from one of his comments)
10. Tim Montgomerie speaks out in defence of blogs.
11. Stephen Pollard attacks and praises Guido.
12. Mars Hill interviews Heledd Fychan of the Pendroni blog.


Newmania said...

I noticed that Sunny Hundal was on his pet subject , Sunny Hundal. I am banned from that site (So Liberal you see).
What confuses me is that he compares a web site where there are about twenty contributors to a personal blog . What further confuses me is that many of the good ones are Liberals , they say. Why are they putting themselves behind a tedious New Labour sycophant ?

Malcolm Redfellow said...

"Schillings", actually.

But why put accuracy before the thought of money?