Friday, April 10, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Good Friday

1. Archbishop Cranmer analyses what Guardian readers think of the man who is suing Hazel Blears.
2. Ideas of Civilisation on why we don't need more politicians.
3. Quaequam reckons Tory bloggers don't like it up 'em.
4. Moments of Clarity argues in defence of politics.
5. Guido thinks Labour's campaigning is about to get very dirty.
6. Kerry McCarthy on being human.
7. Charlotte Gore on LibDem entryism by libertarian Tories.
8. Jonathan Sheppard issues a word of warning to political candidates.
9. Richard Willis says the BNP & LibDems use similar tactics.
10. Charles Crawford calls Craig Murray to account over his theories on Bob Quick.
11. Mr Eugenides accuses Harriet Harman of boosting the BNP.
12. Dick Puddlecote on the rights and wrongs of Chris Grayling.


Cranmer said...

Hm. Even more Easter blessings to you, Mr Dale.

His Grace has never made No1 before, and Good Friday is a most fitting day to achieve this honour.

It will give that charlatan Tony Blair a little competition. Fancy choosing Good Friday to launch your Faith Foundation. One might think, as a good Catholic, that he might have permitted Jesus to take centre stage - just for today.

subrosa said...

Thank you Iain for including an eloquent Scottish blogger in Ideas of Civilisation. He/she very much deserves it (somehow I expect it's a he).

Old Holborn said...

And Old Holborn takes Kerry McCarthy to the cleaners

Quote from Kerry to OH

what a thoroughly despicable individual you are. But that's it. I've had enough."