Friday, April 17, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Damian Green blogs about the lessons to be learned from his arrest.
2. Blether With Brian reveals a new SNP campaign slogan.
3. Lord Tyler on the need for clarifying the role of special advisers.
4. Liam Murray wonders if Prudence is about to return to haunt Gordon Brown.
5. Chris Paul doesn't think much of the new management at LabourList.
6. Danny Finkelstein thinks ConHome should close its comments during an election.
7. Letters From a Tory chooses his lap over his laptop.
8. Plato has a psychoanalysis of our Prime Minister, conducted five years ago by ....
9. Carl Gardner on The Wardman Wire outlines some questions for Jacqui Smith.
10. Devil's Kitchen on homophobia in UKIP (X rated).
11. Simon Clark is horrified by his McBride-esque past in student politics.
12. Mike Rouse on how you can easily redesign your blog.

This is a rap video (no really) from LibDem Councillor Alan Witherick from St Albans. Should win him many a vote from da kidz. Not. Truly terrible. Still, it got him on 5 Live Drive yesterday.

And finally for your weekend delectation, enjoy THIS colourful Telegraph profile of our own dear Guido Fawkes. While he gets the celebrity treatment, I will get my coat and toddle off to the BBC News Channel for the paper review at 10.50 and 11.20!


Forward said...

Brian Taylor always has an interesting take on Scottish politics, but he missed the fact that the SNP stole their new election slogan from McDonald's.

Newmania said...

I have been laughing at the Letters From a Tory post all day.

dutch said...

This does go a little beyond the 'unfortunate'. It leads to allegations of serious misconduct, and suggests long-term thinking. Well, either that or incredible nativity and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

That video is astonishing. Some of the other Six to Fix clips are gems as well. Look for Lloyd, he's my particular favourite, with the posh bloke getting angry that there are only two people from ethnic minorities in the council newsletter running a close second.

John of Enfield said...

I misread the the new SNP slogan at first - I thought it said "We take all you've got".

Then again - perhaps I didn't.

Shamik said...

Oh, man, that video is mint! Seen it on loads of other blogs as well!!

I've got a confession to make: I once roomed with Alan, at the NUS Conference in Blackpool ten years ago, back when he was a plain old UCL hack (as was I) and not an international (c)rap-star superstar!!!

Lmfao! :)

Jimmy said...

Guido's blogged his torygraph profile. He dosn't seem at all happy about it.