Tuesday, November 04, 2008

US Election Live Webchat


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes Iain, but don't you think its a bit elitist to do the webchat in Latin?

Anonymous said...

Another socialist/communist victory according to Fox

I love it

China, Cyprus and now USA

next it will be Russia

were on our way back

Howard said...

Are you giving lessons in a foreign language?

Jill, London said...

As Wrinkled Weasel pointed out - Latin is deemed "elitist" in certain quarters - and I would add, usually by the Comrades.

It was reported recently - by, amongst others, the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation - that Bournemouth Council has "banned Latin" [and that council is Conservative run].

Indeed, Bournemouth Council has issued this retraction/clarification on the
Council website's home page:

"Use of Latin words - Inaccurate reporting in recent national media

"Bournemouth Council must correct inaccurate reporting in several national media.

"The Council has not banned any Latin words or phrases. Two years ago, we issued advice to our staff to encourage plain, appropriate and easily-understood language. This includes considering whether or not various phrases, including jargon and Latin, are appropriate for the particular audience that the information is aimed at." [Clumsy grammar in that last phrase suggests the writer is also in need of help!]


Anonymous said...

we are turning America blue

Anonymous said...

The communists are comming

Jabba the Cat said...

Thanks to Mrs Dale for hosting the election chat session.

John Pickworth said...

Thanks Iain.

Checked in a couple of times and contributed near the end.

It'll be interesting over the next few weeks to see what details Obama puts on his policies.