Saturday, May 03, 2008

Post Election Live Blog (Trial Session)

This is my trial using the CoverItLive blogging software, which Guido and ConHome used to such good efefct on election night. Do please click on and take part so I can see that it actually works!


verity said...

Boring. Who wants bus queue chit chat? I'd rather read posts that were fairly well thought out and well constructed. Admittedly, they don't exactly overwhelm this Leave Your Comment format, either, but at least some people post well-constructed comments. All these one- or two-sentence posts are boring.

ShadThames said...

The application is great for real-time posts, and the sort of banter was so good on Guido's blog during the live BBC coverage on Thursday evening. Whilst it's great for major events, please don't replace the regular format.

Iain Dale said...

Havce no fear. It is an addition, not a replacement.

Daily Referendum said...

It may be worth running it after PMQs or Question Time. It worked great tonight.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what are the advantages of this additional format? - Other than that it all disappears.

While we're talking about your blog:

Thanks for putting in the additional space lines at the top of the Comments pages.

Since the blog redesign you have had some sort of design cut-off point whereby a post cannot be fully read because the design thinks it has reached the end of your posts. Currently this affects the 'Friday Afternoon Live Blog'. The result is that the design overwrites part of the post. When you make multiple posts this can mean that it is impossible to read one of them.

Also, when the blog was first redesigned the Comments became very quick to load. In the last few weeks they have become quite slow.

Adrian Yalland said...

Iain. A - I have a slight headache. B - ignore Verity, she is wrong. C - this is a brilliant innovation as it gives those who frequent your blog opportunities to really interact. I think you should develop this theme further. I think it could also drive up unique visitors to the site if it was used well.

Oscar said...

Apart from instant feedback on ideas & amusing banter, I quite like the sociable feel. It will for sure attract new visitors as Adrian says. Please keep it up Iain!

Anonymous said...

Sea Shanty Irish here-

It was a honor to have participated in the very chat on Iain Dale's Diary.

Perhaps some day it will earn me a splendid tribute in my honor at the Carlton Club, hosted by the Rt. Hon. Sir Iain Dale, MP, KB, etc, etc.

Or perhaps not.