Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Phil Taylor has some stats which make Boris's victory even more impressive.
2. James Cleverly on the BBC's struggles to maintain neutrality.
3. What Just Happened reports that Ken has forgotten to switch off his Google Ads.
4. Guido on the strange case of Nick Clegg's unpublished expenses.
5. Justin Hinchliffe thinks Ken may take on Lynne Featherstone at the next election.
6. City Unslicker on those ever present policy initiatives.

Sorry, only a half dozen today... Need sleep.


bj said...

So an young phone-answerer on a local radio station displays her inexperience and that's the BBC "struggling to maintain neutrality" is it?

That's pretty rich, Iain. Even by your standards.

LiamInPreston said...

Iain - just a well done on the webchat, I think "Cover It Live" is a really good idea. Having moderated over on ConservativeHome during the Mayoral vote count last week, I know how good a resource it can be.

If I can remember my password (:)) I would be happy to help out. You could CiL the Andrew Marr show.....maybe...

Anonymous said...

Your link to a Ken vs Featherstone contest at the next election...watch that space as anti-semitism and courting the "muslim vote" becomes the issue over and above any Nulab allegiance Ken has/hasn't. A replay of Galloway vs Oona