Saturday, October 09, 2004

Rebecca House

Here's a press release I issued this morning...

"North Norfolk Conservative Candidate Iain Dale has organised a meeting of relatives of patients who receive permanent and respite care at Rebecca House in North Walsham to take place at North Walsham Community Centre at noon on Monday 11 October. Iain Dale will chair the meeting and has invited North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb and North Norfolk Labour Party Candidate Phil Harris to the meeting and both have accepted. They will discuss the Mental Health Trust's plans to close the dementia care unit.

Iain says: "I am pleased that Norman and Phil have accepted my invitation to attend as it shows everyone is united in their opposition to these ill thought out plans. We very much hope that Norman will be able to raise the issue in Parliament. Relatives are angry not only at the Mental Health Trust's plans but the outrageous way in which they advised the press of the closure before contacting the relatives. I have been to three meetings with the relatives at Rebecca House over the last six months and they have all been very emotional. The purpose of this pre-meeting is to talk about what the relatives want to get out of the meeting later in the afternoon with the Trust.

Editor's Note: The pre-meeting will take place at 12 noon at North Walsham Community Centre. The relatives will then meet the MHT at 1.30pm at Rebecca House with Iain Dale.

This is the first time the three main party candidates have met on the same platform.

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