Saturday, October 30, 2004

Canvassing in Cromer

This afternoon we did three hours canvassing in Cromer. We deliberately picked an area not known for its habit of voting Conservative and I have to say it was an interesting, if sometimes depressing experience. I say depressing not because we weren't getting support, but because of the huge number of people who said they would not vote. Admittedly some of them hadn't voted for sometime anyway, but I have never had a canvassing session where so many people were quite happy to say it. And it's the way they say it. There's very little anger, just a sort of resignation that voting can't change anything. It just shows what an awful lot of work there is to do to restore the trust in politics and politicians which has been eroded in recent years. On a more positive note, we got four new poster sites! And also many people said they had filled in my survey.

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