Tuesday, October 26, 2004

RAF Coltishall

Here's a short press release I just sent out.

Iain Dale is to join a Task Force set up by Norfolk County Council to examine the future of RAF Coltishall, which is set to be closed. Dale lives almost at the end of the Coltishall runway at nearby Swanton Abbott. The Task Force meets for the first time on Monday under the chairmanship of cabinet Member Tony Tomkinson. Local MPs Keith Simpson and Norman Lamb are also on the Task Force.

Iain says: “I know from talking to my neighbours in Swanton Abbott and people on the base what a devastating blow it was to hear of the base’s impending closure. It’s important that we all come together now to see what can be salvaged. I would like to think there might be a continuing military use, but with the appointment of Defence Estates to look at disposal of the site this seems unlikely. I am particularly concerned about the many local businesses – pubs, shops etc – who rely on the base for their trade. The role of the local planning authorities will be crucial in any plans the Task Force comes up with and I am sure they will all play a constructive role.”


Anonymous said...

You're not really into this blogging are you Iain? Anybody that is reduced to putting up their press releases by way of a blog entry gives the impression of just going through the motions which I am afraid is how your blog reads. Tell us about your cats or something interesting for gawd's sake!

Iain Dale said...

You obviously been her emuch before then. I very rarely put press releases up, and quite why I shouldn't is anybody's guess. If you bothered to scroll down you would find many personal comments - too many, some would say!. The scroll down key is on the right hand side of your keyboard...