Monday, March 22, 2004


Now far be in from me to intrude into the LibDem leader's problems - and he has plenty of them - but I was most interested to see a piece in today's Guardian by Sarah Hall in which she takes Norman Lamb to task for not fulfilling his proper role as the leader's PPS. Read on...

Some senior figures also believe Mr Kennedy should appoint a political secretary who could be wholly dedicated to his welfare and stop him making political misjudgments - such as choosing to watch the euro statement in his office last June. This role was partly filled by the former party chairman Mark Oaten, but since the October reshuffle he has had to concentrate on his new brief as home affairs spokesman. Norman Lamb, his parliamentary private secretary, who has been working hard to improve relations between the leader and his parliamentary party, is also unable to fulfil this role, since his North Norfolk seat is being closely targeted by the Tories.

It seems I am keeping Mr Lamb from his leader's side. I hate to revel in another party's leadership woes, but it does make a pleasant change from crises in our own Party. Thankfully those days are well and truly behind us.

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