Saturday, March 27, 2004


I'll post a full report on Michael's visit to Cromer sometime tomorrow!


Here's a press release I put out on Friday...

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for North Norfolk Iain Dale has
learned that two key bus services from Norwich to Cromer, the Runtons
and Sheringham are being cut at the end of next week. The X50 service to
Sheringham via Aylsham will not run on weekdays after 7.15pm. This means
that the North Norfolk Coast is effectively being cut off from Norwich
in the evenings. The 9.15pm and 11.15pm services will in future stop at
Aylsham. The 11.15pm service will only run through to Sheringham on
Saturdays. Iain uncovered the plans following representations from

Iain comments:-

"I have had several letters and emails from residents in Sheringham and
Cromer who work in Norwich and often have to work late. After next week
they won't be able to use the bus to get home. I appreciate that Norfolk
County Council are picking up the tab for loss making services and
haven't got an endless pot of money, but I am concerned that Sheringham
and Cromer are being treated as peripheral areas in Norfolk. The Council
rightly point out that the Bittern line rail service is receiving large
public subsidies and is being used by more people, but if you are on a
low wage, the extra cost of a rail ticket (£4 single as opposed to £2.40
on a bus) will cost a commuter from Sheringham an extra £800 a year. I
am today asking all users of the 9.15pm and 11.15pm X50 services to
contact me on 01692 538180 or I have already spoken
to Adrian Gunson, Cabinet Member for Transportation and will be writing
to him asking him if he will reconsider the level of subsidy on these
routes. It is important that links into Norwich from the North Norfolk
coast are enhanced rather than reduced and I shall make every effort to
see if there is a way through this."

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