Saturday, March 20, 2004


Press Release issued yesterday...

North Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Iain Dale has hit out at the "breathtaking hypocrisy" of Local LibDem MP Norman Lamb after he criticised Gordon Brown's £100 award to pensioners to help pay Council Tax. Dale pointed out that only a year ago North Norfolk LibDem councillors were elected on exactly that pledge - a pledge they have since ignored.

In a press release posted on his website Norman Lamb says: "Giving pensioners over 70 an extra £100 this year to help pay their Council Tax is merely a sticking-plaster operation."

"Only twelve months ago it was LibDem policy to cut £100 off Council tax. That was the pledge they made to the electorate before the district council elections. Did Mr Lamb refer to that as a sticking plaster operation? Of course not. Upon taking power he and his LibDem councillors conveniently forgot all about it. For Norman Lamb to criticise Gordon Brown for implementing a LibDem pledge is the sort of comment that gives politics a bad name."

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