Monday, May 03, 2010

Quote of the Day

"The General Election. It's like Eurovision for straight people."

Channel 4 advert


waymore said...

Yep,tactical voting, dreadful presentations, the broadcast lasts for hours and hours...and somebody from Eastern Europe wins. Just a nod to Boris for future reference.

Benny said...

Ha, I think I'll watch Channel 4's alternative election night on 4OD.

Ben said...

I always wondered what kind of people watched Eurovision.

Stephen said...

I adore the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's my favourite television programme of the year.

Did anyone see last year with the Tatu girls singing "Not Gonna Get Us" backed by the massed Red Army Choir with a Mig on the stage?

It's what all TV has been aspiring to catch up with for 50 years.

Jimmy said...

"I always wondered what kind of people watched Eurovision."

People possessed by demons. Apparently.