Monday, May 03, 2010

Tories Release Final PEB

This is the final Conservative PEB of the campaign. It's very simple, three minutes of excerpts of David Cameron campaign stump speeches and finishing up with details of the Tory contract with the people of Britain. Simple, but quite effective.


Jimmy said...

Surely "on" not "with"?

Keiran Macintosh said...

I wish he would put "I won't remove Ofcom or the requirement for impartiality from broadcasters, and I won't start to reduce the BBC licence fee, or sell off BBC Worldwide, in order to help James and Rupert Murdoch expand Sky News (and introduce a British version of Fox News) in return for the positive coverage they have given me in the Times, News of the World and the Sun."

Then I might actually vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Where is our Bright Knight to free us from the icy, enterprise strangled Siberia that is Gordon's Britain. If Cleggie is the AntiBrit and Harvey Two Face, Gordon is Mr. Freeze!

Who will save us from these twin perils?

tapestry said...

edit. remove word 'quite'.

ah. that's better.

John said...

Generally speaking, the PEBs from the main parties this time around have been poor. I am struck however by just how much the Tory campaign, right to the last, is so focused around Dave (and Sam).

Cameron is the Tory campaign, he is the Tory brand. And yet it looks like the campaign will end with the Tories polling no higher than they did at the start, significantly lower than they were just a few months ago and at or around where they ended up under Howard.

So while you Tories like to say Brown is the worst PM in history, how is your guy not further ahead? Has he not had an easy enough target to hit? The polls tell us the Tories will strugglle to 'win' the election, but just what more does Labour have to do to lose it?

The Labour campaign has been a shambles, no doubt about it. And I've been disappointed by Brown's performance in it as I had always considered him a formidable campaigner.

So after all this, after Bigot-gate and Elvis and despite the Tories being supported by most of the media, just why hasn't the deal been sealed?

Surely if Cameron doesn't deliver a Tory majority he should be consigned to a place in history as little more than the Tory's Kinnock. He campaigned well but in the final analysis, the people just didn't want him in No10.

bladnoch said...

Yes - fudge should only come from the West Country and not from Westminster!

bladnoch said...

Yes - fudge should only come from the West Country and not from Westminster!

wild said...

I would like to hear from the Leftists who are so thrilled that the Liberal Democrats vote has gone up.

What exactly did the Blair-Brown government do wrong that makes them happy that the Liberal Democrat vote has risen?

Was it because they raised tax too much, spent too much, increased the amount of legislation and the size of the Public Sector too much?

In other words they were too Left wing?

Or is it is because they were too supportive of the City of London, brought in student loans, and were too pro-American in their foreign policy?

In other words they were too Right wing?

Are you happy that the Liberal Democrat vote has gone up because you want political change, or are you happy because it increases the chance of an Anti-Tory political coalition will keep things the same?

Do they think the Lib-Dem's will make fewer cuts in the Public Sector and increase taxes on the rich more than the Labour Party?

In other words do they believe they are more Left wing than the Labour Party?

Or do they think that the Lib-Dem's will decrease the power of the State and increase taxes less than the Labour Party?

In other words do they think that the Lib-Dem's are more Right wing?

So which is it?

Unsworth said...

What' all this Deal Sealing stuff? Remember Kinnock?

Nothing is sealed - until the ballot boxes are unsealed.

Robert said...

Ah yes a contract. A cast iron contract with the British people no less. In this case not worth the manifesto paper it is written on. Manifesto promises in law are worthless. So is this one.

We had a cast iron contract on Lisbon, What good did it do us?

Remember when you vote on Thursday,manifesto promises and cast iron contracts with politicians are worthless.

Dave is not trustworthy. Vote for him or any of the other snake oil salesmen at your peril.

John said...

@ wild - what on earth are you gibbering on about?

@ unsworth - 'seal the deal', they're David Cameron's words, not mine.

eb said...

A question Iain:

What is the comparison between the credibility of a contract and the credibility of a "cast iron guarantee"?

wild said...

I am simply pointing out that you either vote for the Lib Dem's because you think they are to the Right of New Labour, or you vote for them because you think they are to the Left of New Labour.

You either vote for them because you want a change of government, or you can vote for them because they will form an alliance that will keep the current government in power.

One or the other. Both is intellectually incoherent i.e. people are being urged to vote for the Lib Dem's for exactly opposite reasons!