Monday, May 03, 2010

Vote Labour?

Here's a negative video attacking Labour, which actually has a positive feel about it. Very clever graphics, too.


John said...

So when you go negative it's clever but when Labour does it it's desperation. Double standards Dale. Again.

Iain Dale said...

Not at all. Read the previous post on videos and you will see I was less than enamoured with the YBF attack video.

The King of Wrong said...

All desperate campaigns are negative, not all negative campaigns are desperate.

I'm neutral about this video. I like the style of it, very well done, nice music and a cute slogan at the end, and it gives lots of good reasons to vote the government out; but "don't vote labour" is unquestionably negative and I don't think it'll really change anyone's mind.

Jason Myers said...

I'm the first person to call Labour desperate when they go negative so I see what John is saying and maybe I am being a hypercrit by saying I like this negative ad attacking Labour.

I think the difference is Labour has been in power for 13 years and it's quite reasonable for us to look at their promises and contrast them with the reality. Labour are scaremongering about the Tories' future plans. They are misrepresenting policies on tax credits, pensioners, the economy... So Labour are lying about Tory policies whereas this ad points out ACTUAL areas where Labour have failed in government.

Labour have the feel of wanting to cling onto power - not to improve the country - just for power's sake.

So again, I do like this advert because it uses REAL stats comparing them to the FAKE promises. Labour's been found out. At last!

James Mackenzie said...

It uses a Guardian headline that "Labour's push for faith schools just promotes prejudice". I'm all for integration, but do you regard that as one of Labour's failings too?