Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Labour Candidate Who Can't Spell

This is the automated Out of Office email generated by Jane Edbrooke, the Labour candidate for East Hampshire. You'd think she would take more care of her spelling in an automated reply that is clearly going out to all who email her.

If Labour wins she's clearly destined for a job in the Education Department...

From: Jane Edbrooke [mailto: xxxxxx@googlemail.com]
Sent: 12 April 2010 17:43
Subject: Automatic reply - Responding to emails.
Dear all,
In the run up to the general and local elections I am recieving large volumes of emails. Managing these in tandum with a full time job which deserves my attention and party and personal committments is challenging!
Friends - please text or call me for a response.
Other - please bare with me but I won't be able to respond immediately.
Jane Edbrooke


The Creator said...

Education, education, education.

And now you see the results.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Has she not heard of a "spellchecker"?

Phil said...

All she needed to add was the response I got the other day from a corporate pub chain PA in answer to an email, where she (it was a young woman) said: 'If you would of let us know your....etc, etc'

How I despair of Blair/Brown's education system for the last 14 years.

Gareth said...

Possibly "bare with me" is not a typo. The mind boggles!

Tom Powdrill said...

Your first sentence seems a bit mashed up. Looks like you might have made an error when you cut and paste from an email?

Antisthenes said...

She needs to get her priorities sorted out.

Another rank amateur to fill the rank amateur ranks.

Terry said...

Check her website at edbrooke.com and you will see that her opening page is entitled 'Wecome'.

Oh ! And a look at the menu options also gives us the delight of 'Policy reponses'

To cap it all I see from the 'About Jane' section that she is a Communications Manager for NHS London... Hope she never gets to write prescriptions out.....

DespairingLiberal said...

Educashun, educashun. We don't need no educashun.

Has anyone else notices that Ed Balls makes very strange speech-errors, in some ways a little reminiscent of Prezza but not quite so obvious.

I feel a need to start composing campaign diaries and will have a go at Ed Balls first. I know many of you will applaud.

Lauchlan McLean said...

As the Labour supporters in East Hampshire are as thick as the candidate they will still vote for her. Ever remembering that if you do vote Labour it proves that your IQ is smaller than your shoe size.

Ron Combo said...

She'll probably claim she's dyslexic and it's because she was at school during Thatcher's/Major's/who cares as long as it was a Tory cuts programme.

Cynic said...

She's an LSE Graduate!

And will represent Hampshire form her home in .....London .....but she is female so Harriet will be all wet around the knees of she elected

MalcolmCog said...

After reading the CVs of numerous graduates in the past month, I am not at all surprized (sic) at those mistakes. We are indeed drinking at the dry well of modern education

RonLiddle said...

Well, I hope she doesn't turn out to be dyslexic. If she were, this may breach section 12 of the Code of Practice on discrimination, which states that "i) The press must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual's race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or to any physical or mental illness or disability".


And as I recently found out, blogs were also covered by this.


Ben said...

Sadly, a lot of people nowadays regard a concern for correct orthography as unnecessarily fussy and pedantic.

Many people, including many British teachers, believe that details don't matter any more. The last thirteen years have accelerated this decline.

Anonymous said...

Doubtless a shining product of a Labour social-engineering establishment masquerading as a school.

Anyone remember "i before e except after c'?

AVI said...

I suspect it should also read:
"a large volume of" rather than "large volumes"

I can't quite believe that she is a "communications manager" for the NHS... it does rather demonstrate that there are plenty of public sector staff who could happily be cut from the payroll.

fyoc said...

Iain, where are the spelling mistakes?

Thatsnews said...

Yes, AVI. When I read: Jane works for NHS London as a Communications Manager... I thought "oh... dear."

Mrs Rigby said...

Her site is littered with both spelling and grammatical errors.
"the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for East Hamphire."

She "has a MSc in Gender, Culture and Politics from Birkbeck", which makes everything all right.

Gallimaufry said...

@Anna "Anyone remember ie before e except after c?" Yes, and the many exceptions to that rule :)

Weygand said...

Dangerous ground here, mon cher.

My local Conservative candidate (West Hull and Hessle Conservatives) thinks there are such things as 'umberellas' and believes in the 'existance' of things.

This may have been removed from the party website but grâce à l'internet here is the great Gary Shores in all his glory http://th-th.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120813395213

It says something that a person like me whose every fibre wishes to see the end of the present administration would have an easier conscience voting for Alan Johnson than for this local hero.

Oh by the way, it gets worse - the car parking charges that he was (unsuccessfully) campaigning against were proposed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council which has an overwhelming Conservative majority.

Don't give up the day job Gary.

Tub said...

Phil Hope (yes, he of the £40,000 payback) is standing again in my constituency. He has sent me a flyer with a form to complete and return if I would like to get involved in his campaign. In a large, bold font the return address is given as: Freepost RSBB-KCKC-HRER, Address Line 1, Street, Town, County, Postcode

Archimedes said...

Why did you block out the e-mail address - its freely available on the web?


Cynic said...

Dyslexia is not juts a matter of spelling. It can effect the ability to parse and understand language. Just the sort of person we want dealing with complex legislation in the House. If she is dyslexic she may need an assistant to explain it to her and they will have to allow that person to be with her during debates as well.

Cynic said...

We just got a load of applications from Graduates for jobs as security guards. Some look great, some look OK and some (about to graduate with honours) are incapable of filling in an application form.

RonLiddle said...

I've checked with a colleague, and she is indeed dyslexic. This would make this in pretty poor taste.

I'd suggest removing this, it would only take a Daily Mail journalist with an axe to grind to turn this into an embarrassment.

"Prospective Tory MP mocks dyslexic Labour MP's spelling on blog"

Her academic record shows she's clearly not uneducated.

Andrea said...

Well I am sure you are all salivating over the discovery that a candidate in the up coming election is dyslexic.

Then what people? Hound her out of wanting to serve the public because of her disability? Suggest to other people who may not be as perfect when it comes to the English language you all clearly are that they needn't bother even trying to take part in democracy?

Where is the logical conclusion to all of your messages?

In my humble opinion our Parliament and our council chambers will be a better place for having a diversity of people.

So have your fun people, attack this woman, make your jokes, compare and contrast the education systems of Labour v Tory but on some level understand that Jane is no doubt doing her best and as a PPC in an un-winnable constituency she will be getting very little support.

Sadly you have all scented blood and are all so happy to rip into her


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Unless this woman is an utter moron, in which case she should be doing something less difficult, the ability to use a spellchecker is a fairly low level skill. As for being "clearly not uneducated", it just looks as if she has another one of those Micky Mouse degrees in "Wimmmin", so popular among the Dim Prawnarolos of this world.

It is a basic requirement of degree level work that you reach a certain standard of literacy, regardless of your special circumstances. After all, you are supposed to be demonstrating competence in communication of ideas and an ability to organize facts.

Too many excuses for mediocrity is the hallmark of New Labour.

Antisthenes said...

My daughter is dyslexic, she would be horrified with herself if she published anything with grammatical or spelling errors in it. Her reason would be that given that correcting tools are available for people with her condition there is no necessity to be any different to those who do not suffer with dyslexia.

I do not suffer from dyslexia so have no excuse for my bad grammar but then I am not aspiring for high or public office.

RonLiddle said...

I recall a few weeks back an embarassing episode by the Sun newspaper, criticising Gordon Brown's handwriting and spelling in a letter to a bereaved parent.

The highest office in this country is held by someone who has difficulties spelling sometimes. Being blind did not preclude David Blunkett ever holding a position within the cabinet.



Regarding a spellchecker, I actually refuse to use them. The amount of time it takes them to run is normally greater than the amount of time it would take someone to read past the error.

Secondly, this is an out of office message on personal, free web based mail - the tools may simply not be available, particularly when using a mobile.

Above all, it's a pendantic attack and not of the standard I normally expect of this blog.

RonLiddle said...

> it just looks as if she has
> another one of those Micky Mouse
> degrees in "Wimmmin", so popular
> among the Dim Prawnarolos of
> this world.

And the degree in Politics from the London School of Economics? A good grade I might add. Some may even say of greater merit than a degree from the University of East Anglia.

Ben said...

She's a Communications Manager in the NHS. Her website is equally as squalid.

Anonymous said...

I used to mark A level English Language and Literature answer scripts as an examiner, until last year. As examiners, we were not allowed to penalise the students for spelling mistakes. I have read very good essays on Pope's satire littered with errors of grammar and spelling mistakes, and still the students got good marks.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Ron Liddle

You are very new to the blogosphere, or at least your ID is. Not that you should be instantly suspected, or anything, of being a troll, but you claim inside knowledge without backing it up. You haven't been around for five minutes and you are purporting, rather ridiculously, to eschew spellcheckers. You really are scraping the barrel.

As for degrees at the LSE, and since you affect to have inside information, please educate us all and tell us exactly what grade of degree this woman got? I am betting on a third, or if she was really, arselickingly politically correct, a tutu.

Calum said...

The Labour Candidate in a solid Conservative seat who has not a snowball's chance in hell of winning and is presumably just having a run out to get the feel of campaigning who can't spell.

Slightly more accurate, if less interesting.

neil craig said...

Maybe she does mean "please bare with me" in which case I would be tempted if I wasn't spoken for.

RonLiddle said...

Mr Weasel,

I am by no means new to blogging, nor the internet. Of course, I suspect your comments are more likely to be defined as troll-esque rather than the factual arguments I based my argument on. Though true, this is my venture to "blogger.com".

Regarding the academic record I simply e-mailed the local labour party office. It was infact a 2(i) in Government from LSE, in addition to the Masters which was completed whilst in full time education.

I bid you good day.

Mozzie said...

Oh yeah, and Nadine Dorries can?