Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Dylan Jones-Evans on the poll story in Wales that the media missed.
2. Labour Blogger Skipper praises the Tory manifesto.
3. Toque on the level of support for an English Parliament.
4. The Taxpayers' Alliance launches its debt clock.

5. Paul Waugh on how Cameron could win an outright majority.
6. Capitalists@Work on whether your future is safe in Gordon's hands.
7. Lord Norton on managing purdah.
8. UK Polling Report on how the Tories are doing better in the North.
9. Peter Kenyon on another Labour selection stitch up.
10. Party Lines starts a new series on the election campaigns of party activists.
11. Lobbydog on Labour's problems in Stoke.
12. Carlos Tevez says: One day I'll play for West Ham again.


javelin said...

Having posted on iain's blog for a few years now I have to say thanks for keeping enthusiastic despite the sterile, bland, weak, convictionless campaigning by all 3 parties.

I wouldn't describe the campaigns as weak as water because water would be too refreshing. Instead they taste like fruit squash that has been made too dilute - a bit like dirty washing up.

The electorate are sick of the spin, pussy footing, bush dodging, economical policy announcements. They are being fed soft soap when the country needs a hard scub with carbolic acid.

javelin said...

Last year The Bank of England published its Pension Fund Report in March 2009 and showed it had switched it's fund from Equities to Bonds shortly before the banking crisis.


Guido ran the story - at the end of March. He suspected inflation - but I always assumed it was to avoid a drop in equity values.


However this year the Bank of England has delayed publishing their report.

I would suspect this is because they have switched their pension funds from Bonds back to Equities - on the basis that they see a Bond crisis coming in the Autumn. I have put a FOI request in today and will let you know when I get it.