Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Tory Radio has a message for Tory activists.
2. Wife in the North is blogging the election.
3. Charles Crawford writes to Denis MacShane about foreign policy and homosexuality.
4. Kouya Chronicle writes an open letter to British politicians.
5. Philip Cowley accuses Demos of sloppy thinking on votes at 16.
6. Tom Bradby discovers why Labour hate George Osborne.
7. Michael Heaver on UKIP's top 5 targets.
8. Guardian Blog identifies which Ministers are under threat.
9. Dizzy on Gordon's fake crowd.
10. Norfolk Blogger looks at the electoral battleground of the Eastern Region.
11. Cranmer says it's all about morals.
12. Eric Pickles writes Day 2 of his campaign diary.

And here's a different take on Gordon's speech in Downing Street this morning from Nabidana.com...


wild said...

The Left want 16 year olds to have the vote for exactly the same reason that they wanted 18 year olds to have the vote, because the assume (for some reason) that ignorance and relative immaturity increases the chances that you will vote for a left of centre party.

It is strange how keen redistributers of wealth are to redistribute money into their own pockets.

The phrase "Let the poor pay my student fees because I think I deserve it" seems to capture the essential messages of middle class student radicals.

Needless to add when they graduate they try to get jobs in the Public Sector.

ukipwebmaster said...

A hung parliament will be healthy for democracy because we are not electing a government now - Just choosing second rate managers for our government in Brussels:


Englishman said...

The Scottish Raj, desperare, absolutely DESPERATE to keep a strangle hold on the hated, yet sacred cash cow that is England.


Unsworth said...

They reminded me of a line-up of criminals before a mass public execution. Looking down the line I couldn't see one who looked optimistic or even vaguely cheerful. Nor could I see a single one deserving of the slightest respect. Which of them has done anything of merit?

The Conservatives could do a lot worse than place the photo of this disreputable crew on billboards across the nation with the caption 'Which of these people do you trust?"