Thursday, February 11, 2010

TV Tip Off - BBC 4 Tonight at 9pm

Watch BBC 4 tonight at 9pm. Michael Cockerell begins his series covering the Great Offices of State. Tonight he looks at the Home Office.

And on Friday 19th Feb, BBC Parliament is showing the full coverage of election night in February 1974.

Geek-tastic TV.

UPDATE: The Home Office programme is now on iPlayer HERE.


Anonymous said...

The 'Home Office' is no longer a great office of state.

Its been split up.

More recently it even had someone called Jaqui Smith as minister. Now it has err, .... er .... wotsisname, the postman.

John East said...

Election night '74 plus half a dozen bottles of Guinness? Yes, I'm geeky enough for that. It will be fun watching the only Labour victory that will be televised this year.

AD627 said...

And a Permanent Secretary who appears to be one of the wettest, most ineffectual men I have ever seen.

Roger Thornhill said...

Straw just said "inshallah" on the program. His mutation to quisling dhimmitude is complete.

He reminds me of the quote from Dr Zhivago about men who some pretend to look up to but they, in fact, despise.

He could not even gabble out a response in Chilcot due to one swivel eye on his seat.

Bird said...

Who would go there for the Tories?
I don't think Grayling's up to the job.
Do you think Michael Howard might come back?
Maybe if David Davis got down on his knees and asked very nicely...

Christopher said...

Well shall I be really geeky. Most of the election night coverage was, of course, in March 1974.