Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. The Conservative Blog has discovered the Ten Commandments of Blogging.
2. ConHome has the news that Therese Coffey has been selected for Suffolk Coastal and Sajid Javid in Bromsgrove. Congrats to both!
3. Iain Martin on how the expenses sandal has eroded parliamentary sovereignty.
4. UK Polling Report on the Populus poll on climate change attitudes.
5. ConHome has news of an ICM/Sun Tel poll showing the Tories 9 points ahead.
6. EU Referendum on the money that makes the climate change industry go round.


T Breeze said...

The expenses sandal? I assume they wear those because they go well with the sackcloth and ashes...

Andy said...


Take another look at Ricahrd North's blog at EUReferendum. This time it's 'Africagate' - more made up catastrophe. The Sunday Times is straight onto it. Cameron really has jumped the wrong bandwagon in global warming, just as everyone else, bar the Trots and tinfoil hats, is jumping off. Why? Nobody who actually still believes in it is likely to vote conservative. But many who don't are appalled by Cameron's position and are heading towards UKIP or worse.