Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. The TPA asks why we should care who owns the Port of Dover.
2. Tory Totty on Labour lies, deceit and malevolence.
3. Turnip Taliban reacts to proposed local government changes in Norfolk. As does Norfolk Blogger.
4. Archbishop Cranmer is not impressed by a new job for Andrew Mackay.
5. Paul Goodman proposes a night of the long knives for Tory hating quangos.
6. James Forsyth on the Tory death tax posters and wants more please.
7. Tom Harris says Electoral Registration Officers need to get real.
8. Party Lines interviews Dan Hannan MEP.
9. Tom Harris has ten tips for would be bloggers, which provokes Wrinkled Weasel into calling him a hypocrite.
10. Paul Waugh and Iain Martin on the fallout from the Joanne Cash reinstatement.
11. Max Atkinson on the day Margaret Thatcher apologised twice.
12. And finally, courtesy of Tory Taff... Maggie visits Corrie...


Paddy Briggs said...

Wonderful - Mrs T in the Rovers Return. No I can't see GB doing that. But DC might pop in for a Crème de menthe and crushed ice...

OldSlaughter said...

Iain, any chance you could set your Daily links up so they open on a separate tab? Makes it far less arduous to check them out.