Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1.Heard the one about the Australian State that has effectively banned commenting on political blogs during election campaigns? Could it happen here?
2. FT Westminster blog reckons DD wants to be Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee.
3. Guythemac on LibDem hypocrisy over their criticism of Chris Grayling's use of crime stats.
4. Subrosa has this months's Wikio blog ratings.
5. John Rentoul imagines what Robin Cook might now be saying about Iraq.
6. Guido says Finking is not enough.
7. Andrew Sparrow has some good polling and seat news for the Tories.
8. Mark Darcy on Sion Simon wanting to be Birmingham's Boris.
9. Tory Bear on when a briefing is not a briefing.
10. Party Lines interviews Steve McCabe MP about his expenses appeal.
11. Paul Waugh on Richard Madeley's political views.
12. Next Left makes the ludicrous argument that electoral reform is a class issue. No, really.


Anonymous said...


just a thought - the 1st item Re bans on commenting on polls is a little misleading for what has actually been banned is annonymous posting or commenting - people can still comment etc but have to use names etc.

Anonymous said...


just a thought - the first itme is a little misleading in that what is being planned isnt a ban on commenting on blogs, but a ban on doing so annonymously - which is a slightly different thing.



Peter said...

It's a pity you didn't feel the need to engage with the well argued post at next left, instead merely taking the piss. This is not what the blogosphere should be about.